Confidential Confidant

It is often interesting, what I do. I am interested with a lot of information that people would never share with others. I have had fellow consultants, hostesses, clients, and other people who don’t to fall into any of those categories contact me and confide in me some of the most vulnerable details of their lives. I don’t know that many other fields would allow for such trust to build up so quickly. occasionally it feels like a lot of pressure. Especially when the details revealed are super delicate. in general, though, it is a very humbling experience. When someone chooses to contact me with intimate details, questions, and events, whether of a sexual or romantic nature or otherwise, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the fact that the person has chosen me to whom the information should be revealed. I am so grateful that a cute little hobby I started five years ago, selling sex toys as a part-time gig, has turned into such a miraculously powerful position. I never would have imagined I would have the kind of career that changes lives while providing an immense amount of fun and a very lucrative paycheck! to all of you who have been a part of my business and continue to be a part of my business, whether as a client, a hostess, a team member, or simply have a come to me with questions or information, I say thank you. Thank you for confiding in me. thank you for trusting me to help you grow further in business or in life. As always, anything told to me in confidence will remain confidential. And I look forward to serving you in the future as my business and team continue to grow! đź’–đź’–đź’–

Want to take a survey? (It’s about masturbation. And it’s anonymous.)

A friend of mine is writing a research paper about masturbation. Take a survey to help her get great info! (Seriously, nobody will know who you are when you answer.)

Gone Cruisin’

Closed for Cruise 2014

Tips for Coming Out – Happy Coming Out Day!

GUSE Coming Out



Passion Parties partnering with No More


I’m so proud to announce that Passion Parties has partnered with No More to help put an end to domestic violence and sexual assault! Let’s make the world a better place!

FREE GIFT with any order $75 or more! :-D

10704147_10204399556889629_3489188024730352308_nDo you love Pure Satisfaction? Of course you do! And if you’ve not tried it, you NEED to get some! It’s our #1 selling product for a reason! ;-) This weekend only, get a FREE travel size bottle of Pure Satisfaction with any order of $75 or more at (Trust me, this is a killer deal!)

Passion Favorites – Summer Ultra Sets

pf-ultra-collections copy


Glow with pleasure this summer with one of Passion Parties’ Summer Ultra Sets.


Vibe Ultra Collection

The Vibe Ultra Collection features Vibe Ultra, Tickling Trio (which can be slipped onto Vibe Ultra for extra texture and sensations) and LUX creamy lubricant, which is a velvety water-based lubricant completely safe to use with the silicone Vibe Ultra.

Vibe Ultra is a large, bullet style vibrator that offers three speeds of sensation at the push of a single button. It’s easy, effective, and allows you to pinpoint your exact pleasure points. You can’t get any better than that.


Bunny Ultra Collection

The Bunny Ultra Collection features the Bunny Ultra, Pure Satisfaction Unisex Sexual Enhancement Gel, and Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a dual-action vibrator. Providing both intense clitoral and vaginal stimulation, Bunny Ultra is sensually hypnotic, especially when used with Pure Satisfaction! The velvet touch finish feels great against the body, and the ultra-femme design is unintimidating. Bunny Ultra features three shaft speeds and seven rabbit functions, so you’ll never be bored.





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