August is Romance Awareness Month!


In many areas, August is one of the hottest, most humid times of the year. That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying Passion with the one you love! Get creative! Read on for some amorous ideas that are perfect in record-breaking heat.

Ultra Glide on the Slip n’ Slide

Double up on the fun with two favorites by the same name. Ultra Glide Liquid and Ultra Glide Gel are perfect for water foreplay. Rub on a bit of either (or mix them together!), and then play with your lover on the Slip n’ Slide! (Yes, the one you slid down as a kid.) Fool around…slipping and sliding. (Beware of knee burns and nosy neighbors.)

Sensory Ice Massage

Freeze your Kegel Balls or Pleasure Pearls. Then, roll them around your partner’s back for an incredibly refreshing and pleasurable massage. For a solo experience, refrigerate your favorite Kegel exercisers for an invigorating PC muscle workout.

Summer Peep Show

For the ultimate cool down (and hot tease), give your lover a summer blockbuster s/he will never forget – a wet t-shirt striptease! The big finale? You…au natural! But first, make your partner’s wildest fantasy come true by showing off your moves in a Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking. Peek-a-boo!

Frisky Fridge Foreplay

Refrigerate a few of your favorite flavored treats like Peppermint Tasty Tease, Strawberry Cremesicle, and Cotton Candy CandyLicious. Then later, invite your lover to fool around in front of the open fridge. Take out the treats, and incorporate a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup, if you’d like. (Just don’t spill them on your genital areas…that’s a yeast infection waiting to happen!) Finger paint your partner before licking it all off!

Clean is Sexy

This is ideal before or after sex. Dim the lights and turn on soft, romantic music. Run the shower, setting it from cool to lukewarm. Step inside. Let the water run down your bodies. Share a long, passionate kiss. Lather up with Mangosteen Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme, and massage one another from head to toe.

Sexy Sheets

Spray your freshly clean sheets with Pomegranate Silky Sheets. Next, remove all clothing and grab your Dirty Dice. Jump in bed and follow the instructions on the dice.

Bet you didn’t know that…

Couples who are more intimate tend to produce lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So, kick back, relax, and have an amazing romance this August. Your body, and your lover, will thank you!

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50 Shades Trailer in Two Weeks



Who’s excited for the 50 Shades trailer???  TWO WEEKS!!!  :-D

The Orgasm Deficit

The Orgasm Deficit.


Why are SO MANY women not having orgasms?

I’ve Missed You!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. I’ve been avidly working on building up my YouTube channel and my leadership team’s YouTube channel, and of course I’m a Pinteresting fool, so my social media attention has been diverted elsewhere for a bit.

Here’s what’s been going on in the Passionate life of Keli: Awesome FREE trip to Jamaica, thanks to Passion Parties. Awesome calendar full of successful parties. Awesome team growth. Awesome corporate training weekend just a few minutes from home. And in general, just being awesome.

I promise to be more available here on the ol’ bloggosphere with my goal being to post something new and fabulous for you at least once a week.

Cheers! <3

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Want $200 for starting your Passion business?

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What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is About Pleasure? – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

EXCELLENT article about discussing sex with children!


What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is About Pleasure? – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society.

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FREE SHIPPING April 16 & 17 at – YouTube.

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