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Best Cities For Women In Business – Forbes




Best Cities For Women In Business – Forbes.

Female entrepreneurs, check it out!  Where does your city fall on the list?


Part of How I Get My Training

In addition to team meetings and conference calls, and the training I seek out myself, simply because I’m addicted to education and learning things, my corporate partner (Passion Parties) offers some incredible training from very well renowned people in all aspects of our industry.


Pursuit of Happyness Author and Passion Parties Convention Give Women Hope In Tough Economy

Chris Gardner and Oxygen TV Host Sue Johanson Speak in Las Vegas March 1-2

LAS VEGAS – February 25, 2010 – From March 1-2, New York Times bestselling author Chris Gardner and sexual educator Sue Johanson of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson will address more than 1,500 women at the Passion Parties 16th annual convention.

In 2006, Gardner chronicled his journey from homeless single father to Wall Street visionary, in The Pursuit of Happyness, which became a blockbuster movie starring Will Smith. For many Nevada women, Gardner’s message of starting over is even more poignant now. In January 2010, the Nevada State Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation confirmed that unemployment rose in the Las Vegas area to 13.1 percent.

“Passion Parties is honored to have Mr. Gardner speak at our national convention because we share similar philosophies,” said Passion Parties President Pat Davis. “We believe that you can determine the success in your life based on your own efforts. I want women everywhere — especially the women of Las Vegas — to know that despite challenging unemployment rates, they can rebuild their lives and become financially successful with Passion Parties. Our top saleswomen earn six-figure incomes annually, and more than 34 women operate Passion Parties businesses generating over $1 million in annual sales.”

Passion Parties is North America’s leading in-home party plan company specializing in sensual products and romance accessories. Since 1994, more than 94,000 women have joined the organization.

At the beginning of March, Passion Parties sales consultants from all over the United States and Canada will convene in Las Vegas for the company’s annual convention. At the event, Gardner will share information from his new book, Start Where You Are: Life Lessons In Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be, which aims to help people who have been forced to start over with little or nothing because of the difficult economic climate. (Amistad. Hardcover $26.99).

TV personality Johanson will also be featured at the Passion Parties convention providing sexual health tips and information to the company’s sales force. From 2002 until 2008, Johanson hosted Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, a live phone-in program airing on Oxygen TV. The show appears in repeats on the network and currently airs in Brazil, Canada, Israel and in 20 European countries in five languages on ClubTV. In addition to being a sexual educator, Johanson is a Registered Nurse and she conducts a live monthly training call exclusively for Passion Parties.

“Passion Parties prides itself on providing our consultants with the best resources,” said Davis. “We are delighted that Sue Johanson is sharing her expertise on sexual health with our sales force.”

To become a Passion Parties consultant, women must be at least 18 years old. For the minimal cost of $149, a woman purchases a starter kit with passion products to re-sell at parties. She also receives training materials and a team leader, as a mentor to help with business goals and development. The company also provides ongoing seminars on sexual health and techniques with industry experts such as Johanson. 

Phthalate-Free Toys!

With phthalates stricken from the market in teething rings, baby toys, and even pet toys, though there may be no conclusive scientific evidence phthalates are harmful, clearly they aren’t the best things to have around.  If it’s not ok for your dog’s toys to have phthalates, why would you want your toys to contain them?

Passion Parties Becomes First and Only Company to Exclusively Sell Phthalates-Free Toys

Sensual Products Leader Offers Healthier Options for Customers

LAS VEGAS – March 16, 2010 – Passion Parties once again leads the sensual products industry, as the first and only company to have a 100 percent phthalate-free toy line. The organization made the announcement during its 16th annual convention, as part of its continued commitment to provide the latest innovations in sexual health and wellness. Passion Parties is North America’s leading in-home party-plan company specializing in sensual products and romance accessories.

“Health and safety are very important to Passion Parties and our consultants,” said Pat Davis, chief executive officer and company president. “We listened to our customers and found healthier products to help them explore their passion.”

Phthalates are chemicals that are often used in adult toys to make them softer and more pliable. The plasticizers are found in many products including pharmaceutical medicines, personal care products, and cosmetics. The potential dangers of phthalates and the consumer use of adult toys containing phthalates has been the subject of much debate. A government sponsored clinical study researched the issue, and found no conclusive scientific evidence that phthalates are harmful or pose any significant health concerns in these applications. Despite the fact that no risk has been proven, Passion Parties feels that women should have choices and is pleased to offer phthalate-free options to its customers.

Davis continued, “In addition to offering the newest trends in sensual products, Passion Parties provide a fun, comfortable environment for women to learn about their bodies. With this knowledge, they are able to communicate their desires to their partners.”

At Passion Parties, trained consultants provide sexual health information and product tips at confidential in-home gatherings that are entertaining, educational and fun. The comfortable atmosphere creates the “Ultimate Girls Night In.” At the female-only gatherings, the consultant showcases a wide selection of passion products including: sensual touch, edibles, lingerie and adult toys. Attendees can view, taste, and touch products before they buy.

“Because our company is for women by women, we understand the unique needs of females. We provide a range of options to help any woman spice up her relationship with her partner,” Davis stated. Passion Parties was the first company in the party-plan industry to offer separate catalogues showcasing foreplay accessories and adventurous adult toys. On average, the company’s catalogue contains more than 400 of passion products and accessories.

The cornerstone of Passion Parties product line is the RomantaTherapyTM collection, which was developed exclusively by Passion Parties. It includes sensual body products to transition the busy woman from the stress of the day to the romance of the evening. The company’s top-selling product is the Pure SatisfactionTM UniSex Enhancement Gel, a topical gel that intensifies orgasms in women and men. 

Sensual Zodiac: Libra







Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Libra Woman  (September 24 – October 23)

You were born on the most important day of the year! Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences. These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature. Discover new intimate secrets about yourself as well as find the keys to your sexual happiness.

You are thoughtful, sensitive and you seek harmony in all things.

As a Sensual Libra woman, you have been blessed with the total package. People can’t help but feel fascinated by your sense of humor, inspired by your childlike wonder, and intrigued by your wide-eyed curiosity. You are easy to be around and so easy to make laugh. You are gracious, entertaining, and have a glowing appeal that naturally draws people to you.

Tender Tact, Sincere Charm and Unflappable Diplomacy

Your deepest desire is to maintain meaningful connections
with people. Sensual Libras go about their lives quietly setting
new standards. You have a real gift as a listener. Your ability to communicate with people makes you very popular. It’s no wonder
that you are the person your friends call on first for advice and helpful suggestions.

If you’re not already writing novels or creating poetry, you could be. Naturally creative and intuitive you have a way with words, written or spoken. You love to get involved in an intriguing conversation. In fact, there are times when debating actually turns you on. Sometimes you even take up the opposing view… just to stir things up bit.

Here’s a little known secret about you:

Stress is one of the only things that get you down. You don’t like the feeling of overwhelm, chaos or disorder. Peace and tranquility are must-haves for you. Deep down, you are a natural born caregiver. Sweet, sensitive and sincere… plants, animals and children blossom in your care.

If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called “Surrender.” Why? Because when you give yourself, you don’t hold back.

In private, you are very playful. Sexually, you are a true romantic. You love to dance, giggle and have fun in bed with your lover.

How to seduce you?

You have a highly sensuous nature. Romance is an extension of your authentic self. You prefer to be coaxed out of your shell slowly and given plenty of opportunities to relax. You like natural scenery and sensual settings.

(Secretly) Your deepest fantasy is to make love in a field of wild flowers.

You love flowers and flowers respond to your love. Bathing yourself in essential oils and plant extracts brings out more of your passionate side.

Best Passion Product for you:

RomantaTherapy® Seduction Soy Massage Candle
Why? Because the romance of making love with the sensual scent of plumeria is intoxicating to you. 

Of course, there are other products you’ll love, as well!  Contact me at for one-on-one consultation to find those perfect items that will increase the Passion in your life!


(excerpted from “Your Sensual Zodiac” by Suzie Johnson)    

Pamper Your Passion Diva


Pamper Your

Passion Diva

Today’s modern woman balances so many responsibilities in her life: family, career, friends, volunteer work, social obligations and more. Forgetting to add herself to that equation is something that most women seem to do. Women are so busy doing for others, they often miss out on doing something special for themselves. Sound familiar?

You wouldn’t think that taking time to pamper yourself would be such a big deal, but here’s why it is: with so many people depending on you, you need to be at the top of your game, all the time and everyday. The only way to accomplish this is by nurturing your needs and pampering yourself.

Think of yourself as a race car. Race car drivers spend hours pampering and tending to their race car. That’s because it’s essential that they can depend on their car to achieve victory. As a woman-on-the-go, you are no different. And, if you want to be able to go full throttle, you absolutely must incorporate self-pampering into your busy lifestyle. As Pat Davis, author of the Random House best-selling book, “The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex,” would say, “Pamper your inner Passion Diva.”

First thing first is to schedule your pampering sessions. If you’re like the typical, busy, 21st Century diva, you probably have a calendar you use to keep your schedule. Now is the time to add long baths, massages, trips to the nail salon and even sensual time with your partner onto that schedule. If that schedule is viewed by the whole family, just label your sensual time as “date night.”

Take inventory of the type of pampering you need. Do you often feel stress or tension in your neck or back? Then consider adding massages to your pampering schedule. Have you noticed you are less limber than you once were? Think about taking a Pilates class. It’s summer time. Are you looking a little on the pale side? Time to hit the tanning salon. Sit down and analyze the type of pampering you think you need and add it to your schedule.

Make it easy for yourself. If pampering becomes just another chore to do, you aren’t going to want to do it. So find ways to make pampering yourself easy. For example, if you would like to add manicures and pedicures to your pampering schedule, but the nearest salon is a 20-minute drive, gather a group of friends and hire a technician to visit your home. Also, always keep spa-like products in bathroom. You’ll need lotions, scrubs, shower gels, bubble baths and body mists to pamper your inner Passion Diva daily. Select tranquil and romantic fragrances and keep all your products together in one container or basket. Call it your special pampering pantry.

Once you incorporate self-pampering into your daily schedule, you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle any little thing life throws at you, whether it’s traffic, a late appointment or a surly store clerk. With proper balance and soothing pampering, you’ll find yourself able to go full throttle, all day and every day.

Kegel Exercises


Kegel Exercises

Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor Muscles


Kegel Exercises

Contract and Hold

Squeeze this muscle group and hold it for a count of ten. Then contract and hold for another count of ten. Continue doing this.


Contract the muscle group as quickly as you can. These won’t be large squeezes, just rapid light ones. Stop, take a rest – and then do it again.

The Elevator

Imagine that there’s a little elevator in your pelvic region and that you want to raise it up floor-by-floor to the top floor. So, start at the ground floor and go up to the first floor, then up the second floor, and last, to the third floor. Then gradually allow the “elevator” to go back down stopping at each floor. Once you get to the ground floor, completely relax the muscles you’ve just exercised.

The Workout

For even better and quicker results, having something to squeeze will make Kegel exercises easier to do and feel more natural. Using weighted balls such as Ben Wa, Pleasure Pearls, or Pleasure Pods, insert only one ball or side at first. Squeeze and release for two minutes. When you start to notice greater muscle strength, add the second ball or side.

Louanne Weston, Ph.D

Kegel is one of the most basic and easiest ways to enjoy a more satisfying sex life. Kegel is a “sexercise” a sexual exercise that improves your capacity for sexual pleasure – and is for everyone regardless of age or sex. When done on a regular basis, they can assist you with achieving a quicker, more

intense climax and benefit your partner by being able to tighten harder around his penis. There are four Kegel exercises that include all the groups of muscles that are involved: Contract and Hold, Flutter, The Elevator and The Workout. Developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen the vaginal muscles, the exercises are most widely known as an aid in preparation for a baby. A toned muscle will stretch more easily and recover more easily after childbirth. As we age, these exercises are also helpful in maintaining tone in order to avoid certain medical issues and sexual difficulties. So, given the benefits of enhanced orgasm and the health gains possible, doing Kegel exercises is one of those six minute a day exercises that really does deliver.

Passion Parties offerspage1image30144 three products

that can be used as weights by women who really want to work their PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. The Ben Wa Balls, Pleasure Pods or Pleasure Pearls add an enhanced level to Kegels.

Kegel Exercise Aids from Passion Parties


Ben-Wa Balls         Pleasure Pearls          Pleasure Pods


If you spend two minutes doing these sets three times a day, you will very likely feel a difference in your ability to contract in about two weeks. It doesn’t take a lot of time, just a lot of remembering.


Benefits of Kegel Exercise

• Makes it easier for you to reach orgasm
• Makes your orgasms stronger/better
• Tightens the vaginal muscles which enhances your and your partner’s feeling • Promotes sexual self-confidence
• Assists with the ability to have multiple orgasms
• Increases blood flow to the vagina
• Medically beneficial in preventing certain ailments and sexual difficulties
• Makes vaginal childbirth and recovery easier
• Strengthens the muscles involved with bladder control
• Can be done discreetly anywhere, anytime

Finding Your Vaginal PC Muscle

The PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone (coccyx) and forms the pelvic floor. Deciphering which muscles are used for Kegel exercise is as easy as going to the bathroom. Simply start and stop your stream of urine several times and you’ve found your PC muscles. When doing Kegels, try to only use these muscles. At first you may contract your chest, abdominal, back and anal muscles, too, but with practice you’ll be able to focus solely on the PCs.

To strengthen the muscles deeper in the vagina, you can use Kegel during sex play. Simply squeeze your dildo or partner’s penis as many times as you can. You can also use Ben Wa balls or similar products (see “The Workout” under Kegel Exercises). Having something to squeeze will make Kegel exercises easier and more natural.

© 2006 Passion Parties, Inc. Reproduction and distribution by Passion ConsultantsTM is permissible for informational purposes only.

Self Pleasuring: Exploring Your Body


Self Pleasuring:

Exploring Your Body

Taking the time to explore your own body, regardless of your age or sexual experience, helps you discover your sensual likes and dislikes and achieve orgasm more easily. Self-pleasure is a very healthy thing for all. Knowing where you like to be touched, and what effect that location has on you, shows you how to teach your partner where to focus his attention. Self-pleasure isn’t about replacing your partner; it’s about developing your relationship so you both can enjoy sex to the fullest. It also teaches you to be more comfortable with your body.

A big misconception about self-pleasuring is that it solely involves your finger(s) and your clitoris. But self-pleasuring is about connecting to and understanding your own body. Don’t limit yourself and exclude the other sensual regions of your body like your breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Explore your body, first with your hands, and remember the places that tingled at your touch.

You may sometimes feel an inability to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring. This inability may have many causes, the most common being stress-related. If you’re unable to relax enough to fully enjoy self-pleasuring but feel like you need orgasmic release in order to relax, you may just need some assistance. The RomantaTherapy® Velvet Pleasure, the first passion toy added to our exclusive RomantaTherapy line, is a small, quiet personal massager with a pleasurable, velvety touch. When used on your clitoris, it reduces the amount of manual stimulation needed. You won’t have to focus on keeping an adequate pressure or speed — just allow the Velvet Pleasure to aid in your pleasure and enjoy the results. The Velvet Pleasure comes with its own carry case, providing a discreet way for it to travel everywhere with you. 

Perhaps orgasm doesn’t happen to you easily as a result of intercourse. Most likely, you’re not achieving the right amount of stimulation to climax. Every person’s level of arousal is different; it doesn’t mean you or your partner is doing anything wrong, or that you lack attraction toward your lover. Perhaps you just need a little something extra to help you get in the mood and “jump start” your arousal. To help you prepare for sex, apply a small amount of Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel to the center of a Personal Finger Smitten placed on the finger you are accustomed to using to pleasure yourself. Gently rub the finger smitten on your clitoris, allowing the Pure Satisfaction to take its effect. Many women say they are able to climax within five to seven minutes of application, and the tingling sensation and level of arousal you receive will help you when you’re with your partner as well.

One of the staples of every woman’s Passion Pantry is the Bullet. A bullet is a small, egg-shaped vibrator attached to a controller by a wire. The bullet, like the Velvet Pleasure, provides added stimulation to any body part it touches. It has many accessories, like the Pleasure Safari sleeves, that change the type of stimulation received. For example, the rabbit provides a less intense, almost tickling sensation, while the turtle provides a more direct, intense vibration.

Self-pleasure can also be incorporated into foreplay. An activity you can try with your partner is to lay side-by-side, facing each other, while you both separately stimulate yourselves while watching each other. When you’re ready, you can “take over” for each other and continue the activity, only this time you’re stimulating him while he touches you.

Self-pleasuring is the safest sex you can have. It helps you learn about your body, enjoy who you are and never have to worry about your performance. In addition to being pleasurable, it’s natural, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun. It increases your sexual awareness and makes you a better lover. You should never feel ashamed about self-pleasure — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying who you are and what makes you feel good.

© 2006 Passion Parties, Inc. Reproduction and distribution by Passion ConsultantsTM is permissible for informational purposes only.

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