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Halloween Sex

Sex Positions, Part Four: Halloween Sex « “Be A Great Lover” Blog.


Fun and festive info from a fellow blogger!  Happy Halloween, everyone!  😀

Sensual Zodiac: Scorpio

Sensual Zodiac

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Scorpio Woman

October 24 – November 22

You were born on the most important day of the year! Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences. These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature. Discover new intimate secrets about yourself as well as find the keys to your sexual happiness.


You are among the people most likely to have a following.

Why? Because making love to a Sensual Scorpio woman is a near religious experience.


Question: Why is everyone so fascinated by you?

It’s as if you possess some kind of sexual magnetic aura. Of all the Sensual Zodiac signs, you are the closest to being totally irresistible. When you enter a room, you enter it fully… bringing sizzle, dazzle, and chemistry.


Enthusiastic, Imaginative and Passionate

You are fun-loving, power and attention seeking, and determined to follow your own path. An energetic go-getter, you live life at a pace that would exhaust most other people. You are great at creating and starting new projects and new ideas.


Here’s a little known secret about you:

You constantly surprise people by being what they least expect. Your fearless nature empowers you to explore new paths, find fresh ways, and try innovative techniques.


Variety and mystery are the master keys to your arousal.

You are attracted to the unpredictable, the unusual, the exotic, and the unexpected twists and turns of life. Keeping up with you is a full-time job. You are one of those people who challenge the rest of us to show up fully for life. If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume it might be called “Sensational!” Why? Because you are! Sexually, you’ve got some naturally hot stuff. Yes, you are more than most men can handle.

A Sensual Scorpio woman has no competition. Although you are compatible with every other sign in the zodiac, it takes more than average lovemaking to hold your attention and really turn you on. Thank goodness that when you fall in love, you tend to stay there.

As a lover you constantly strive for that unique magic blend that is rarely found in a relationship. You want passionate closeness and yet you loathe to be fenced in. Your lover needs to be sensual enough to fulfill your deepest longings for transcendental sex because pleasuring your senses is high on your list of priorities.


How to seduce you? New Sensual Adventures!

You crave experiences that push you well beyond your current boundaries. You are captivated by the wonder of a new romance. In fact, you are willing to take risks. Your lover would do well to remember your intellectual need to be stimulated, as well as your full emotional range.

You are the ultimate challenge. Your sexuality is hot and intense. You like to make love with pageantry and fantasy. You want a lover who doesn’t hold back, who is ready to taste every sensation, every pleasure. Anytime sex becomes slapdash, rushed, rough or careless, you lose interest immediately.


Best Passion Products for you:

The Adore Swing or OMG – adding a little adventure to the bedroom!

The Wild Orchid – twisting, turning, and adding some suction for non-stop pure pleasure!


(excerpted from “Your Sensual Zodiac” by Suzie Johnson)    

Top 10: Halloween Sex Positions

Top 10: Halloween Sex Positions – AskMen.


Granted, this is from a men’s magazine, but it’s a good read for a good laugh!  In honor of Halloween this coming Monday, I thought I’d share.  🙂

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms – How to Achive Multiple Orgasms – Cosmopolitan.

Yes, this is from Cosmo.  No, Cosmo doesn’t necessarily have the most scientific measures in its survey and study criteria.  This article is pretty legit, though.  It’s full of great info that can not only be applied to achieving the glorious multi-orgamic sexual encounter, but can be applied to reaching an orgasm in general, if even one is difficult for you.  Read, study, and enjoy!  🙂

The Female Orgasm: How it Works

The Female Orgasm: How it Works | Women’s Health Magazine.


That’s right!  An article on the female orgasm for WOMEN’S Health!  I appreciate that so much is written on the female orgasm from a man’s perspective and for men to read.  I mean, I’m sure heterosexual women everywhere appreciate it, too.  But, I encounter women DAILY in my business who don’t know how their own bodies work.  Ladies, seriously, we need to fix this!  If you don’t know how your own body works, how on earth are you going to ever expect to have a fulfilling sex life?  The two biggest issues that lead do divorce in our culture are money and sex.  (I can actually help you with both, for those of you interested in making a living the way I do!)  Understanding how your body operates is a HUGE component of good sex, which is a pretty big part of a healthy and stable relationship.  An orgasm isn’t something that just magically happens to you.  No, I’m not saying that achieving an orgasm should be the one and only goal of every sexual encounter, BUT, knowing how and why it happens certainly makes sex better!  And having great sex makes life better!

Are female orgasms a ‘bonus’?

Are female orgasms a ‘bonus’? – The Chart – Blogs.


A blog exploring the female orgasm.  Is it just a byproduct, or a bonus?  Or is there more to it?

Sex and Stress

Sex and Stress – Sex as a Stress Management Technique.


From mood elevation to blood pressure reduction to endorphin release, this article gives you a little bit of info on a lot of the stress reducing benefits of good sex.

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