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CollegeCandy’s Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful for Sex

Sexy Time: I Am VERY Thankful for Sex : CollegeCandy.


I considered writing my own blog post on the reasons to be thankful for sex, but in my search for articles the other day, this one popped up.  It’s so simple and has such a ring of truth to it that it made me (literally) laugh…out loud.


On Thanksgiving, Puritans gave thanks for sex and booze

My Take: On Thanksgiving, Puritans gave thanks for sex and booze – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs.


CNN Belief Blogger, Boston University religion scholar, and author of “God is Not One: The Eight Religions that Run the World,” Stephen Prothero, comments on how the “passionate Puritans…thanked God from saving them from celibacy.”

How to have a sexy Thanksgiving

How to have a sexy Thanksgiving – Mominatrix – Sex advice from a parents perspective.


Fellow blogger, The Mominatrix speaks of keeping Thanksgiving sexy!

I Can Be A Hot Mess!

One of the benefits of working from home is that I get to work in my pajamas; however, that means that I don’t bathe every day.  I shower on days when it matters.  Other than that, it pretty much doesn’t happen.  If I’m at my house, I’m probably in my Old Navy pajama pants and my “Jargaritas” My Drunk Kitchen t-shirt.  When I leave, I dress nicely, but it’s often a dress and leggings, so that I look professional, but still feel like I’m wearing pajamas.  My hair is short, so I throw on a big, chunky headband and call it good.  And my makeup consists of fairly thick, black liquid eyeliner and mascara, because it takes about 15 seconds to apply and looks like I tried.

I had a party tonight, and by that I mean “I went to work,” rather than “I threw a party,” because the not-at-home part of my job consists of hanging out with awesome women for a few hours and talking about sex.  I also didn’t shower today.  I didn’t even get dressed until 5:30pm.  And, though by outfit was super cute, with my favorite new black sweater that’s off one shoulder and has an awesome giant black belt; and, though I wore my favorite ash grey Toms wedges; as I was driving down the highway, I looked in my rear view mirror to check, well, the highway, and I realized the thing I completely forgot to do was refresh my makeup!

So, here I am, all dressed up and professional, and I’ve got a left eye that looks semi-alright and a right eye with about 95% of the eyeliner gone and the other 5% in tiny little chunks!  Awesome!  I rubbed on the left eye a bit to see if I could at least make them match.  (That could be a “look,” right?)  That didn’t work out too well.  I’m unfamiliar with the area where my hostess lives, so I stopped at the first familiar place that I thought might have some sort of makeup, which was a Quick Trip.  They didn’t have ANY makeup, whatsoever.  I was hoping for a CVS or a Walgreens, but no such luck.

Thankfully, when I got to my hostess’ apartment, none of her guests had arrived, so I was able to sneak away to the bathroom and managed to get off most of the remaining eyeliner.  I say most, because the eyeliner I wear is pretty hardcore, and simple water and toilet paper isn’t enough to get rid of it entirely.  I actually had a facial a few weeks ago, and the aesthetician was impressed by my eyeliner, because it didn’t come off during her treatment.  (If you’re looking for a good, long-lasting, awesome looking liquid eyeliner with a BRUSH, instead of a stupid felt tip sponge, I highly recommend Jemma Kidd.  It’s about $16 at Target.)

The party turned out well, despite the eyeliner mishap, which I explained at the beginning of my party.  I felt it was only appropriate.  Sales were good, I booked two parties off of it and gained three consultant leads, all of whom are going to attend our monthly meeting in a few days.  Apparently, even someone who has on 3/4 worn off makeup from the day before can be successful in this business!

Is Technology Making Us Crazy?

I’ve been contemplating technology lately, and how we’re all so inundated with so many messages every moment of every day.   We’re pretty much all continuously connected with everyone we’ve ever met, and tons of people we’ve not met, and that concept seems really bizarre to me.   I had an interesting conversation with a very close friend yesterday, via text message (of course), and I don’t seem to be the only one struggling with this.

The friend, we’ll call her Molly, and I have both always been very academically inclined, hard working, and determined to accomplish our goals.  She is an undergrad and nearly 10 years younger than me.  I’m a grad student.  We live in different cities and don’t see one another often.  She was working on a paper that shouldn’t have been too difficult for her, but was having a hard time focusing.  Molly asked if I had ever tried Adderall.  I said, “No.  I had already outgrown my drug experimentation phase by the time that became popular.  I know some people who take it in order to stay up and party, and still be able to function at work the next day, but I don’t know anyone who takes it for productivity.”  She had also never tried it, but we both agreed it seems awfully intriguing sometimes.

Molly: “I just want to be able to keep my mind on my homework for more than 40 seconds at a time…It has seriously taken my eight days to write a two page paper.  I can’t seem to focus on more than a couple of sentences at a time.  Same for my photography homework.  I can’t seem to do more than a few shots before I get sidetracked.”

Me:  “I think a lot of that comes from what our culture has become, honestly.  We’re so inundated with everything all the time, and we have unlimited opportunities for information, or socialization, or whatever else.  I think technology is making us crazy.  Literally.  We’re a society full of addicts.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve been working on my thesis for two years.  Lack of focus, that is.  I’ve been forcing myself to do 20-minute stretches with some stuff, up to an hour with other stuff.  And it’s hard!”

Interestingly enough, after that last text message, I learned that this was actually the topic of the paper she was writing… And it’s true!  Anything I have to do on the computer, whether it’s for work or for school, I’ve been forcing myself to focus for 20-minutes before I will allow myself to check my phone, Facebook, Twitter, stats on my blog, etc.  If I’m reading a physical book, I can usually go for about an hour, but I’m so easily distracted within that hour, by birds flying by the patio door, by my cat running across the room, by the sounds of people getting on and off the elevator in my apartment building, that it’s rarely a “full hour” of work… And I’m always checking the clock!  So, how much of what I’m reading am I actually retaining?

I went to San Jose to hang out with a friend who was attending a conference about a year and a half ago, in order to get away from daily life distractions and actually accomplish something on my thesis.  The conference had nothing to do with me, so while he was in meetings, I had the room to myself to spread out my books, research, and write.  In the hotel, you had to enter a user name and password to log onto the internet, and I didn’t ever put them into my computer.  I was logged off for about five days.  I accomplished more in those five days than I have in the year and a half since then!  (Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much!  Trust me!  And that’s not something I like to admit!)

This addiction got so bad that one day I found myself sitting on my toilet, checking Facebook on my phone, and I said out loud, “Seriously? Nobody has updated anything on here in the last six minutes?”  WHAT?!  As soon as I said those words, I realized there was a problem.  Why do I feel the need to have my phone next to me ALL THE TIME?  Yes, I took my phone into the bathroom with me to pee.  And I KNOW I’m not the only one who does that!  Why the hell do we care what other people are doing while we’re on the toilet?!  And WHY did it frustrate me that I had no new newsfeed updates in six minutes?  Why was I even checking that often?  What value did that bring to my life?

When I couldn’t answer these questions, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone.  I still have Twitter on my phone, so I can update my Facebook status from my phone, because my Twitter account is tied to my personal Facebook account, and I made the conscious decision to keep it this way in order to update business information; however, Twitter isn’t something I check nearly as often.  I don’t know that I even check Twitter once a day.  Usually it’s just when I’m waiting for something – in the check-out line, in a waiting room, etc.  I find this acceptable for myself.

Back to yesterday’s conversation with Molly…

Several hours had passed, and I read an interesting statistic that I sent to her.  (The information originally came from “The Week” magazine, in a book review of James Gleick’s “The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood;” however, I got it from Rob Brezsny’s Astrology Newsletter.)

Me:  “I just read an interesting statistic.  There is more information generated every 48 hours now than all of the information generated in the entirety of human history up through 2003.  So, in our lifetimes, we will each receive more information than ALL of our ancestors COMBINED.”

Molly:  “WHAT.  My mind just exploded.  Makes me want to cease the usage of technology.  Oh, wait.”

Me:  “Right.  And therein lies the conundrum.”

Our brains are working overtime, being continuously overloaded with information.  What is that doing to us as individuals and as a society?  Teachers complain about the lack of commitment from their students, everyone seems to be on some sort of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication (or both!), the younger generations are seemingly dealing with more adult issues than ever before and behaving as such (though without the cognitive abilities to handle the implications and repercussions of their actions,) and it’s no wonder!  There’s no way evolution can keep up with technology!  We’re not naturally built to withstand everything we’re doing!

Because experts estimate, and have estimated for years, that 90% of all disease is stress-related, it seems as though we’ll all start dying younger, if we don’t find ways to de-stress and eliminate some of the constant chatter that’s everywhere.  So much information processing puts our brains in a continual fight-or-flight mode, which sends cortisol (the stress hormone) surging throughout our bodies.  You may not feel “stressed,” but consider this: When was the last time you felt “relaxed?”

In this moment, I am personally vowing to relax more and find more balance with this overload of information.  The two best ways to relax are to get a massage or to have an orgasm, so I’m vowing to do more of both!  I’m going to start creating a daily schedule for myself and forcing myself to stick to it until it becomes habitual.  I don’t want to live a life in which I feel the need to check into other peoples’ lives every six minutes.  I’d much rather have balance and live my own life to the fullest extent possible!  While I may have access to much of the world via my laptop, tablet, or smart phone, I certainly can’t experience any of it through any of them.  I’d rather have a physical experience than be oblivious to everything going on around me and only have connections via technology.

A Day in the Life of a Dildo Saleswoman

I thought I’d start a section on here to share what it’s like to have my job – recounting funny situations, answering questions that have been commonly asked, and offering anecdotes and opinions on doing what I do.  So, without further adieu…A Day in the Life of a Dildo Saleswoman is born!  (All names will be either left out or changed to protect the maybe not so innocent.)


To start, I’d like to share that I made nearly $400 for hanging out with some really good friends of mine a few days ago.  One of my nearest and dearest friends (we’ll call her Sally) got married this weekend, and she asked me to do a party for her bachelorette.  A few of Sally’s cousins and several of her friends from high school flew in from all parts of the country.  I presented the information and products that I do at all of my parties.  Everyone had a fantastic time.  The guests all purchased some rather exciting products for themselves, and most of them donated around $20 to the Bridal Bucks fund, in order to cover the bride’s order.  (Sally ended up placing an order for nearly $250 all for herself and her new husband!)  The party was a huge success!  We all had tons of fun!  I booked future parties for the local guests!  The bride (and her lucky groom) will be able to start their marriage off with Passion!  And I took home some Benjamins!

Just two weeks prior to that party, I was on a cruise to the Bahamas with other women who do what I do…and the cruise was FREE!  That story will come later, but if you’re interested in having my business as part of your bachelorette (or birthday, baby shower, retirement, housewarming, or just because) party, OR if you’re interested in cruising with me, check out business information on or email me at

Pure Satisfaction

My corporate partner, Passion Parties, has several exclusive products that are absolutely amazing!  These products collectively form one of the main reasons I chose to join this particular company, over some of the competition.  One of these exclusive products is called Pure Satisfaction Unisex Sexual Enhancement Gel.

Pure Satisfaction is the top selling product in the entire international company, and it remains in that position because it works!  Currently, when you purchase a bottle of Pure Satisfaction, as part of the holiday collections Passion Parties has created, you can get a free bullet vibrator called Caress, which is silicone and water resistant, and has various pulsation features.  (Caress isn’t something I would necessarily encourage anyone to purchase at its $20 price, because it’s powered by watch batteries, and those suck.  But, I’m ok with you getting it for free.)  So, back to Pure Satisfaction, and what it does.

Packaged in a vacuum sealed container, the inner portion of the bottle moved up from the bottom, so that you get an air-tight seal that will protect the formula inside.  Pure Satisfaction has two distinct purposes: 1. It increases your body’s natural orgasmic capacity.  2. With daily use, it will increase your libido.  (This stuff is literally doctor recommended as a first step before medication, and contains L-Arginine, which is a compound used for erectile disfunction.)

As the name says, Pure Satisfaction is Unisex, which means it can (and should) be used by both men and women.  For proper use, rub one tiny little pump of the gel onto the penis or clitoris for about 30 seconds.  This will allow the gel to absorb into the soft tissue and take effect.

Pure Satisfaction works because it causes vasodilation – your veins get bigger.  Blood rushing and hanging out in the genital area is what causes arousal and the sudden expulsion of that blood is what biologically causes an orgasm.  Bigger veins = more blood.  More blood = more orgasm.  Your orgasm will be longer, stronger, and harder.  If you normally have one orgasm, you just might be multiorgasmic using Pure Satisfaction…  If you normally have three, you may have ten!

There is a little bit of menthol in Pure Satisfaction Unisex Sexual Enhancement Gel, so you may feel a bit of a tingling sensation at first.  Everyone’s body is different and some people feel it quite a bit (we call this a “party in your pants,”) whereas others don’t feel it at all.  A few people report feeling a numbing sensation for a few minutes after application, but whatever the initial sensation, it dissipates quickly.

The formula isn’t designed to necessarily cause arousal, but is intended for prolonged effect.  It starts working in as little as five minutes and lasts for up to 12 hours, BUT because it’s not an arousal producer and is instead an orgasm enhancer, you can put it on in the morning if you’re going to get laid that night and not be sitting at work all day crossing and uncrossing your legs!

As mentioned above, Pure Satisfaction is also recommended for increased libido, so use it on occasion to enhance the way your body achieves orgasm, or use it every day to ramp up your sex drive!



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