Seductive Scent

Mmmmm!  The smell of pumpkin pie; the sound of a crackling fire; nature’s magnificent tapestry of color; the taste of a caramel apple; the feel of a lover’s warm embrace…

It’s the season for the senses!

Inspired by the elements of autumn, this week, we’ll show you how to savor the romantic side of your fabulous five.

Seductive Scent

Studies show that scent is the strongest sense linked to memory.  Why not use this nostalgic instrument to invoke intimate memories for your lover…anywhere, anytime…  How?  By regularly incorporating a specific fragrance into your lovemaking, and then later using that same fragrance to remind your lover of intimate moments.

Here’s a great tip: Spray Pomegranate Silky Sheets on your bed sheets (or couch cushions, or back seat of the car, or wherever else is appropriate for you) prior to sex.  With regular use, you’ll eventually be able to initiate the “bow-shicky-wow-wow” with a mere spray.  Simply use it in the room where your lover is playing video games, watching TV, etc. to get the attention you crave.  Once it enters their nostrils, they won’t know what hit them, but they’ll be glad it did…and so will you!

Scent has therapeutic qualities and enhances the experience of love and life (hence the popularity of aromatherapy).  Try Vanilla Passion Body Dew before a night out, or RomantaTherapy Plumeria Body Mist to stay refreshed throughout the day.  Use the RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candle in Blissful Breeze (or, what I like to call “man in a can”) the next time you and your partner swap massages.  The scent will permeate the room and the entire house, and as a fantastic added bonus, the candle doesn’t melt into a super hot wax like most candles do.  Instead, it melts into a luxuriously warm massage oil that will have your partner’s hands gliding along your body like a pro and leave your skin feeling like silk!

*Bonus tip: Known respectively as the fruit of love and the flower of lovePomegranate and Plumeria have been used for centuries as natural aphrodisiacs.  Incorporating these scents into your daily regimen may just enhance your Passion more than you’d expect!

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Excerpted and amended from November 2010 Partners in Passion magazine.


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