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Vibrators and Desensitization – The Reality Behind The Rumor

Vibrators and Desensitization – The Reality Behind The Rumor – DivineCaroline.


Have you heard that using a vibrator will cause you to lose sensation?  You’re not alone, if you have.  It’s a common rumor.  However, the 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris are not at risk of damage with vibrator usage.  (Yes, there are 8,000!)

Dr. Ruth on The Doctors

Welcome to the Doctors TV Show.


We-Vibe 3 featured today on The Doctors, as they have a lively conversation with Dr. Ruth!

10 Sex Positions for Valentine’s Day

Sex Toys Blog – 10 Sex Positions for Valentine’s Day – Lovehoney UK Sex Toys.


Great article that will make you laugh, and get a few ideas for a sexy V-Day with your honey!  PLUS, their idea of a threesome is the best!  (Hint: the third isn’t a person, but you can get it from me!)  😉

Health Secrets I Learned from a Sex Toy Party

Health Secrets I Learned from a Sex Toy Party | The Daily Muse.


The idea behind this article is exactly why I partner with Passion Parties to run a business of my own, and exactly why I call my business GrownUpSexEd.  In this industry, we aren’t just selling sex toys.  We’re educating women and couples on how their bodies operate to further enhance their two most intimate relationships: that with themselves and that with their partners.

I do have to say, though, the statement that “most toys are made of silicone” is incorrect, and I’m a strong advocate for Slip N Slide silicone lube, over water based lubes.  For more info on that, check out this video on my YouTube channel.

Contact me to book a GrownUpSexEd Passion Party of your own, or to become a Passion Consultant, yourself, and join in on the education!

Cupid’s Helper

Fill in the blanks with your own words, Mad Libs style, and enter to tell your partner where to go to fulfill your Valentine’s Day wish list!  Remember to make sure a name and address is included in the order notes, so I know where to send the Hugs & Kisses warming massage packs!  🙂

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