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Erogenous Zones

Are you neglecting one of the most sensual organs of your body?  The skin is filled with four million sensitive nerve endings and offers a plane of limitless pleasure possibilities.  Get to know your most powerful pleasure sensors with these pointers.


Erogenous Zones

You’ve likely heard of them.  Areas such as the clitoris, G-spot, breasts and penis probably come to mind.  But are you aware of the other erogenous zones located up and down your body?

We all have our own unique map of incredibly responsive areas.  Think about the moan-zone hot spots that drive you wild (even before the main event).  Maybe it’s your inner thighs… or your ears… or your scalp… or your ankles.  Perhaps it’s your eyelids… the nape of your neck… or the spaces between your fingers….  There’s apt to be sensitive spots you didn’t even know existed.



Explore your erogenous zones.  Discover them.  Get to know them.  Enjoy them.  And, break away from the monotony by incorporating them into your passion routine.

Here are a few different ways you and your partner can become better acquainted with one another’s erogenous zones:

  • Sensual Massage: The recipient is positioned comfortably face down while the “masseuse” works his/her magic.  Use a bit of melted RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candle and take mental notes of what feels good.
  • Feather Play: One partner rests on his/her back while the other lightly brushes Tease Me Tickler (or for the more adventurous, Feather Snapper) across the skin – Start at the navel and work your way up, then all the way back down.  Flip over and explore the other side, starting at the derriere.  Work your way up, and then back down.
  • Hot & Cold Sensory Play: Warm temperatures can make the body more sensitive to touch; and followed with cool sensations, can actually cause the body to heat back up in response.  This is because even slight temperature changes can stimulate the nerve cells.  So, grab a cup of ice, a set of Hugs & Kisses, and your favorite glass toy, and find out what makes you (and your partner) feel good.

Below is a list of the most common erogenous zones, along with tips for encouraging your partner to indulge you:

  • Inner Wrist – Beckon your partner to this ultra-sensitive area with a dab of Pure Instinct.
  • Lower Neck – Spritz on Fireworks for a cool sensation when your partner blows or a hot sensation when your partner licks.
  • Lips – With your lips, you express love and affection.  Sweeten up this already desirable area with Nibblers.
  • Inner Thighs – Dust on some RomantaTherapy Passion Powder and invite your lover to enjoy the delicious flavor of cotton candy, chocolate raspberry, or white chocolate.

You may not respond to every area listed above, but at least a few should send bliss bumps up and down your spine.


Did you know?  Research has shown that couples who spend more time touching are more likely to have happier, healthier relationships.




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Passport to Passion

Tips for Great Vacation Sex at Home or Away

Everybody knows that vacation sex is always the best!  The Passport to Passion is your guide to the ultimate vacation sex – even if you don’t have any travel plans this summer.  Vacation sex is all about breaking routines, tossing out schedules, leaving the worries of work and family behind so you can focus on the best destination there is – each other.  Discover the Passion this summer with these tips for the ultimate vacation sex.

  • Vacation sex doesn’t have to involve expensive airline tickets, passports or cab fare.  Meet up at a local hotel for a night or a weekend.  Visit a nearby restaurant for dinner.  While you might go out to dinner all the time, staying someplace other than home makes the evening more exciting.  The next morning, order breakfast in bed from room service.
  • Captivate your partner by focusing on the sense of touch.  Have your partner keep both eyes closed or use a soft blindfold.  Explore your partner’s body with a feather tickler, then your fingertips, and finally your lips.  Spend five to ten minutes on each step.  Save the best areas of your partner’s body for last.
  • If you’ve never tried body finger painting, summer is a great time to try something new.  With your partner’s nude body as your canvas, body painting involves a lot of sensual touch.  It’s new and different and totally sexy.
  • No time for a camping trip in the mountains with mosquitos and lack of running water?  Pitch a tent in the backyard.  Use a lantern for some romantic lighting, inflate the air mattress and enjoy each other under the stars.
  • Spice up a shower and have hot sex in summer rain.  Bring your plants into the bathroom for decoration, burn a woodsy-smelling incense or candle (like sandalwood, myrrh or cedar), turn on the shower and enjoy.
  • Have a summer picnic in your own living room.  Lay out a blanket, prepare a picnic meal.  Have lots of fresh fruit and hand feed one another.  Curl up together and have a romantic movie marathon.
  • Go all out and decorate a room in your home to mimic the scenery at your favorite vacation spot or a location you both want to go in the future.
  • If you have a pool or hot tup and lots of privacy, enjoy a playful skinny dip together.




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Mimi: The Male Masturbation Sleeve

I posted a video on my YouTube channel today about Mimi, and thought I’d share it here, as it has to do with masturbation, and it is still May for a few more days!  🙂

Watch here! 

Sultry Summer Lovin’

Bare legs, wet bodies, bronzed skin, a heightened thirst for mind-blowing sex…whats not HOT about summer?


Create a staycation sanctuary.  Nothing screams “unsexy bedroom” like a pile of dirty laundry, an unmade bed, and dust bunnies here, there and everywhere.  And even if yours isn’t that messy, it’s still a great idea to give your very important boudoir a good clean.  Then, add a little touch of summer – spray Silky Sheets – Pomegranate on your clean sheets; fill a vase with fresh flowers; add some inexpensive, summer-inspired throw pillows and bright little flea market finds; and place a few nightstand photos of romantic summer memories.  If you feel like bringing a bit of art into your bedroom, Splash makes a great piece.  (Only you and your lover will know what it’s really for!)

Wear your skin with confidence.  Whether you’re sporting a dress, a bikini or your birthday suit, soft, smooth, silky skin is a must.  With the Diva Basics set, which features three RomantaTherapy must-haves in your favorite fragrance, you can give your precious skin the attention it deserves.  Start with a rich lather of Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme. Then, exfoliate with Smoothing Sugar Scrub.  Once out of the shower, apply a generous amount of Toning Body Butter. And always remember to get the closest shave possible, without the red bumps, by using Soft & Silky Shaving Creme, followed by After Shave Protection Mist.  Finally, slip on your favorite dress (undergarments optional).

Make the most of your yearning desire.  Got an insatiable appetite for hot sex when the temperature risks?  You’re not alone. Many people find that their sex drive increases during the summer months.  There’s actually a reason for this – the brighter sunlight produces less melatonin, which in turn leads to a higher sex drive (and, likely, more frequent sex, too).  Make the most of this randy time by opening your mind to the possibilities.  Treat your honey to something a little different with Adore Swing, or enjoy your favorite sexual positions with more ease and comfort with Liberator Jaz Mini.

Enjoy a sweet treat.  What’s more delicious than popsicles, frozen yogurt, ice-cream sundaes and homemade apple pie?  A session of oral sex!  Candy-Licious Cotton Candy provides you (or your partner) with a little summer nostalgia and a whole lot of yum.  Try it and you (and your partner) will be sure to come back for seconds, and thirds, and…you’ll just have to try it and see.


Did you know?  Heat causes blood flow to the surface of the skin to increase.  As a result, our sense of touch is stronger, and we experience greater sensitivity in our erogenous zones.  Now, that’s hot!




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A Dangerous Method

I rented A Dangerous Method from Redbox and watched it for the first time last night, and I must say, I was blown away.  The film is astounding.  Since the plot line surrounds Freud, Jung, and Spielein, whose work deals in sexual psychology, I thought I’d write a review of it here.  So, this will be my first feature film review!  I didn’t write it while watching, as I did for A Guide to Your Orgasm, so it may be a little different, since it’s coming from my memory, not from my current experience.  Oh well.


Psychoanalysis and its Freudian basis in sexuality has long been a part of Western culture at large, not just the psychiatric world.  In the film A Dangerous Method, we begin to see how and why the ideas became so popular.

In what is arguably the most dynamic performance of her career, Kiera Knightley plays Sabina Spierlein – an hysterical patient brought to Switzerland to Dr. Carl Jung (played by Michael Fassbender) who has suffered a horribly abusive childhood.  Throughout her treatment, The Talking Method, originated by Dr. Sigmund Freud (played by Viggo Mortensen), it comes out that she got pleasure from the abuse, and eventually began to crave it.  Humiliation would give her sexual arousal, and she would have to masturbate.

Over time, as the patient becomes cured, the relationship between Spierlein and Jung turns sexual, itself.  He takes her as his mistress, (following the advice of fellow psychologist and then patient, Otto Gross [played by Vincent Cassel]) as well as his assistant, offering her the simultaneous humiliation and sexual gratification she craves, as well as the experience in psychological analysis to enter university and study the field, to become a doctor herself.

In the midst of the journey from patient-doctor to lovers, another relationship also develops – that of colleagues and friends between Jung and Freud.  Though the friendship is tumultuous, and eventually ends rather dramatically, Spierlein is able to maintain professional communication with Freud, which gives her the benefit of contact with both doctors.

Though the personal relationships dissolve, professional communication remains.  Despite an emotional disconnect for quite some time, once Spierlein reaches the point in her education for her dissertation, she petitions Jung to be her advisor.  Interested in her work, as it argues the exact opposite of Freud’s sexual theory, Jung agrees, which allows their relationship to quickly turn sexual once again.

Once her work is published, Jung ends the relationship and the two reluctantly part ways, only meeting again years later, when Spierlein has married and become pregnant, prior to moving back to her home country of Russia.  This news breaks Jung’s heart, and the two have an emotionally charged conversation, however brief, regarding their previous affair.

Though perhaps not intended as a love story, A Dangerous Method not only highlights the rise of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, but also displays historical relationships as distinctly human.  We, as viewers, relate to the characters and relationships, and applaud the ability of those whose names we know so well to not only analyze themselves, but also one another, in order to shed light upon the human psyche.

Whatever your opinion of Freudian and Jungian psychology, and whatever your knowledge of Sabina Spierlein – the first woman psychoanalyst, the film is fascinating and gives us a peek into the doorway of why sexuality has become such a taboo subject in our society.

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