Anal Adventures

Does the thought of anal play make you blush?  You could be missing out.  More and more women (and men) are finding that booty action can be bliss…bliss…BLISS!  Discover the secret behind this sexual craze, and tips for your own backdoor adventure.

The “What”

Anal play offers couples an alternative avenue for sexual exploration; and may involve anything from rimming (whereby the outer edges of the anal opening are stimulated), to anal penetration by a finger, toy, or penis.  The primary focus of this post is on anal penetration.

The “Why”

It is well known that men enjoy anal penetration due to their version of the G-spot – the prostate gland.  But what’s in it for women?  The answers lay within…

The anus is interconnected with the pelvic muscles and holds a large concentration of nerve endings.  This makes it an extremely sensitive area.  And, just as the PC muscles contract rhythmically during orgasm, so do the anal muscles.  With the right kind of anal stimulation, women can experience unparalleled pleasure, too.

Anal play can offer a new and different pleasure sensation; “naughty” excitement due to its “taboo” reputation; trust-building and communication between partners; and, of course, triple pleasure when combined with clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The “How”

Follow these tips to get started:

  1. Freshen Up – Be clean and confident by taking a hot bottle bath infused with RomantaTherapy Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme in your favorite fragrance.
  2. Start Aroused – Stimulate your favorite hot spots, such as the clitoris and G-spot, before you even start with anal play.  Pure Satisfaction, G-Spot Creme, and We-Vibe III can help.
  3. Experiment Solo – Before choosing to introduce anal play to your partner, try a few sessions alone.  Use a beginner-friendly stimulator with a graduated tip like Jet Black, so you can work your way into it.  After a few sessions, it’ll be easier to open up (both mentally and physically) to the stimulation of a partner.
  4. Relax – When exposed to any kind of anal penetration, the body’s natural reaction is to tense up, immediately prompting the sphincter muscles around the anus to close.  Begin your anal exploration in a zen state of mind.  Remain relaxed during the activity by focusing on your breath and visualizing pleasurable sensations.
  5. Lube Up – Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating or elastic, and its opening is much smaller.  You’ll need a considerable amount of lubricant in and around the anus, and on the item to be inserted.  Use a thick water-based lubricant, such as Ultra Glide Gel; or the long-lasting, silicone-based Slip ‘N Slide.  Reapply as needed (if you’re using water-based lube, plan on needing a lot!)
  6. Ease Into It – Start by massaging the opening of the anus in circular motions.  Once relaxed and slightly stimulated, gently press the anal ring so that it opens naturally.  As you work your way inside, mind the curved angle.  Readjust as needed.
  7. Be Smart – Only insert items that are 100% clean; and specifically designed for anal penetration.  There are many options to choose from, including the simple Playful Plug, the curved Onyx Adventure, and the multi-stimulating OMG.  (Toys should never be shared, and once anything goes anal, it should never go vaginal.)  Clean your toys directly after use with Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser.


For many couples, anal play is a spicy addition to their sexual repertoire; however, it’s not for everyone.  Only YOU can decide if it’s an adventure you’d like to take.  Check out Dr. Sadie Allison’s book Tickle My Tush for even more tips and tricks on your anal adventures!




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