Film Review: “A Guide to Your Orgasm”

Masturbation as a way to demonstrate responsibility for ones own happiness…what a concept!  That concept is the core basis for A Guide to Your Orgasm the latest film release from The Welcomed Consensus, creators of the Deliberate Orgasm, or DOing. 

Rebecca, the woman in the video, shares very intimate details about herself with us, the viewers.  While positioning herself in a place of extreme vulnerability, she is simultaneously thoroughly empowered, granting us permission to share in her experience.  Though she exposes to us more than many people expose to their lovers or even themselves, she is in complete control of the situation and has delivered that exposure intentionally.  We may be aware of her vulnerability, but we are also awed by and grateful for it.  The video not only gives viewers a glimpse of what it is like to experience a female orgasm, from one woman’s perspective, but also provides commentary about both the physical sensations and the non-physical motivations behind the act of masturbation.

Keenly aware of her own body, Rebecca demonstrates an appreciation of herself that really should be more ingrained into our culture.  Societally, we tend to bash our bodies and look at ourselves with critical eyes.  Rebecca transcends that tendency, viewing her body as a beautiful and erotic work of art, taking in all of the minute changes that happen throughout the course of her arousal and sensual adventure.

Surrounding herself with tactile variance by way of different fabrics on the bed, throw pillows, and drapes, reminds the viewers that the sensation of touch goes beyond direct contact with ourselves or another person, and reaches into the entire surrounding area.  Our largest organ is our skin, which is covered in ever-changing erogenous zones.  Ensuring that our sensual environments provide a positive environment for touch helps to amplify the pleasurable sensations during any sensual encounter, whether masturbatory or engaged with a partner.

Building upon itself and changing for heightening or diminishing, Rebecca takes us on her journey to immense pleasure through the peaks and valleys of her sensation, both clitorally and throughout her entire body.  By experimenting with variance of pressure, stroke, and touching other parts of her body, she is able to explore what feels most pleasurable in that moment.  Masturbation allows us to discover intimate details about our bodies that we wouldn’t otherwise know, and gives us the opportunity to learn what we can share with a partner to enhance our sensual and sexual relationships, communication, and intimate connections.

Rather than strictly an erotic display of female masturbation that is often portrayed in pornographic media, strictly for the viewer’s enjoyment, A Guide to Your Orgasm gives the viewer both the erotic and the educational.  We relish in the ability to share in Rebecca’s experience, while simultaneously understanding her experience and broadening our horizons to the capabilities of the female body.  Every woman’s body is different, and Rebecca demonstrates that even one woman’s body can experience different sensations as pleasurable at different times.  This allows us to glimpse the truths of sensuality.  Though we may all be human, and though both biological sex and gender have commonalities, the human sexual experience is broad and variant.  We are sensual beings and to deny the depths of that nature is to deny a part of what it means to be human; however, exploration and discovery allows us a greater understanding of who we are, which then gives us the capabilities to share that with others and intensify the relationships we hold most closely.

Whether or not you have any interest in partaking in one of the many courses or retreats offered by The Welcomed Consensus, I highly recommend checking out A Guide to Your Orgasm.  The film offers great insight into Rebecca’s experience, which clears the way for unapologetic self-exploration.  Masturbation may very well become your next step toward taking responsibility for your own happiness.


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