Sensual Zodiac – Gemini Man

You were born on the most important day of the year!  Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences.  These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature.  Discover new intimate secrets about yourself and find the keys to your sexual happiness

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Gemini Man

Ultimate Sensual Gemini Celebrity: Johnny Depp

Who is the Sensual Gemini man?  He enters your life with a great sense of confidence and power.  He wears his calm and self assurance easily and comfortably…like other men wear cologne.  He is irresistible, independent, enigmatic, and a roguish romantic who has a PhD in flirting.

He is the perfect combination of boyish charm meets masculine confidence.  He’s the eternal Peter Pan.  His personality is playful and yet he has a serious core.  He is the ultimate paradox because of his ability to be disciplined without being rigid.  He loves spontaneity, yet craves structure.  He easily excels in business by being clever and tactful in negotiations and yet he is willing to spend large amounts of money in order to finance his personal pursuits of novelty experiences of new forms of excitement.

Here’s the secret of his sexual power: He is a master with words.  He uses his verbal skills to create a subtle intoxication that very few women can resist.  He knows (and uses) the right words at the right time to disarm and charm any woman.  You can expect to be swept off your feet, dazzled by his wit, and wooed by soft sweet promises that pour from his lips like wine or honey.

What attracts a Sensual Gemini?  You must now and forever give him stimulating conversation.  In order for a Sensual Gemini to truly fall in love, there must be a seamless blending of spiritual, mental and physical.  When all these forces line up together, your Sensual Gemini will take you on a wild ride through a landscape of ripe emotions.

How to attract and keep a Sensual Gemini man: If you think hot sex alone will do it, think again.  Your Sensual Gemini is comfortable with the art of making love without being in love.  Good sex is great and yet it’s not enough.  Stimulate his imagination, engage his intellect and arouse his curiosity.

Three Rules For Keeping His Romantic Interest

  1. Forget routines (routines are boring and boring is NOT allowed)
  2. Don’t suffocate him (Freedom + Adventure = Eternal Happiness)
  3. Constantly challenge his mind

His deepest desire is…Your undying admiration.  To a Sensual Gemini, admiration is a drug.  When he wakes up in the morning, he wants to find you gazing at him with wide luminous eyes as if he was the only man on earth.

How to seduce your Sensual Gemini man: Excitement, surprises, novelty, variety, multiple orgasms and Tantra.  And, yet above all else there is one thing this guy is passionate about, and that is being entertained.  For him, entertainment means to be challenged and to be kept guessing.  Anything that arouses his curiosity is considered entertainment.

Best Passion product for the Sensual Gemini man: Liberator Jaz Mini – The Sensual Gemini man likes to keep up on the latest techniques and Liberator Jaz Mini makes it easy.  He will be intrigued and excited to try out a variety of sexual positions on the wedge-shaped pillow.  Remember, novelty is the key to arousing his sexual excitement.




Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.


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