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Sensuality Course – Week 6

This final session of the Sensuality Telecourse offered by The Welcomed Consensus has BY FAR been the best session, and I wish they were all like this one!  Not only is the information direct, well-organized, and clear, but it’s also transferable to other aspects of life, as they say all of their ideas are.  While all of the ideas may be “winning” and “fun” ideas, the other lectures were presented in ways that were very specific, yet also scattered.  I don’t know who writes the lectures.  Nor do I know whether the lectures are scripted or simply annotated, but I do wonder if some of the delivery has anything to do with the presenter, or if it would have come across the same way, no matter which instructor took over for the week.  If there is any credit due to the speaker for the quality of content delivery, then Daisy is most definitely the best at getting across the pertinent information in an interesting and understandable way.

In terms of content, this week’s lecture focused mostly on communication, which, as we all know, is the basis for a good relationship and a good sex life.  They offered tools this week that had been hinted at in prior weeks, but not fully described.  They gave description and information applicable to the lives and relationships of the average person, not just those who are familiar with their philosophies.  And they provided a valuable standard that anyone can take on and use, both inside and outside the bedroom.

I’m not going to spoil the information for those of you who want to partake in the class itself.

Would I recommend this class?  Prior to this week, I would have said, “Eh…maybe.”  But after this final lecture, I’ll go ahead and say, “Absolutely!”  You may get lost.  I did.  Every week.  But, as long as the final lecture is always this good, it will be worth stumbling around in the dark for a little while.

Get Lucky

You know what pisses me off?  When people tell me I’m lucky.  I’m not lucky.  Luck does not exist.  Those who are seen to be lucky simply work for what they want.  They decide where they’re going, and they take the steps to get there, even when they’re in the dark.

Yes, I paid off my car two years early.  That wasn’t because of luck.

Yes, I’m headed for a two week European vacation.  That has nothing to do with luck.

Yes, I took seven vacations last year, and have three or four more later on this year.  Luck did not grant me those trips.

Yes, I love my job, have a blast every time I go to work, and make a hell of a lot more money working a hell of a lot fewer hours now than I have at any other time in my life.  And, yes, I am on the path toward even more of that.  Luck hasn’t come in to play in any of it.

I am very grateful for everything I have, everything I do, and all of the people who have helped me to get to where I am now, as well as those who will help me to get to where I’m going.  I am quite fortunate to work with an amazing company and a fantastic team of (mostly) women (and a few dedicated men) who have trained me, and several others, very well…and continue to train us all the time.  But luck has no part of that.

What do you want to change about your life?

So, you’re still making payments on your car, you’ve got some credit card debt, you’ve not taken a vacation since before your kids were born, and you’ve never been out of the country.  Ok.  Don’t envy me!  JOIN ME!  I can teach you how to change all that, and do so in a way that positively affects other people.  Change your own life, while changing the lives of others!

Did you know that over 80% of the women who make six figures a year are in direct sales?  And more than 95% of the female millionaires are in this industry?

Maybe you’re thinking that you can’t do what I do.  I promise you that you can.  Public speaking is the #1 fear in the world…above death.  You know what that means?  Tons of people who have started their own direct sales businesses have had a horrible fear of talking in front of others, and they have had help to overcome it.  All personality types are in this industry.  It takes no specific education or work experience.  All it takes is the desire to do it…the desire to improve your life.  If you DON’T want to improve your life, that’s fine.  If you have everything you could possibly want and do everything you want to do, that’s fantastic!  Congratulations!  Not many people fit into that category.  You are one of very few.

Maybe you’re thinking that my company isn’t right for you.  Fine.  Find one you identify with and support.  Find one whose products you’re passionate about.  Find one whose philosophy is something you can get behind.  Find one who will train you well and pay you well.  Find a team and a sponsor who will support you in every way possible.  And join them.

I do what I do because I simply want to change the world, and have a good fucking time doing it.  I wholeheartedly believe that what we, as Passion Consultants, do benefits our society.  We open the doors for women to explore their sensuality.  We open lines of communication between couples, in order to strengthen relationships and marriages.  We give adults permission to become comfortable with their sexuality, and they, in turn, are then able to communicate to their children what it means to have a healthy, responsible, sexual relationship.  When parents understand, they can teach their children.  Not only will that help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and curb the rate of teen pregnancy, but it will also help to diminish the acts of sexual violence.  So, yeah, I sell sex toys, and because of all the implications of that, I’m damned proud of it!  My companies’ philosophy is based in education, enhancing intimate relationship, improving communication, and most importantly, “women helping women.”  (That’s in our mission statement, and we read it at every corporate event.)

When you decide you want a part of this action, let me know.  I’ll help you get started on your own passionate journey.  And if, after all of that, you’re still thinking that I’m lucky, then contact me.  I’ll help you get lucky, too.

Sensuality Class – Week 5

Week 5 in the sensuality course offered by The Welcomed Consensus begins with information on homologous sex organs.  All fetuses start out female, and it’s not until the sixth week that differentiation of cells begin to form sex-specific organs, so each part of sexual anatomy in the female is homologous to a part of sexual anatomy in the male.  It’s helpful to know that information, and understand how male and female organs are similar.

From there, the lecture journeys into the way the vaginal cavity is formed and how it changes, from the relaxed state of a collapsed tube to the tense state of a balloon.  When the vagina is tense, it balloons out, preventing friction and touch, so in order to increase your orgasm, maintain a relaxed state.  You’ll feel more and heighten sensation.  Who doesn’t love that idea?  Relax.  Feel more.  Have a better orgasm.

There are videos in this week’s assignments regarding Deliberate Orgasm, offering specific instruction on how to DO a woman, as well as how to DO a man.  While all of the setup seems like simply an extravagantly romantic encounter between two people, the direct genital strokes they recommend may not work well for everyone.  I can’t imagine feeling pleasure with the very first genital contact from my partner being direct clitoral contact, with my hood pulled back.  To me, that idea is excruciating.  I also can’t imagine my partner continuing to stroke my clitoris based on my partner’s perception of my body, AFTER I say, “Please Stop.  It’s too sensitive.”  Not only would that be less than pleasurable in the physical sense, it would also piss me off.  If the purpose of Deliberate Orgasm is for both people to focus on one person’s pleasure, then direct contact with a spot the focus person says is too sensitive seems a bit oxymoronic with regard to the purpose.  That seems like more of a focus on the power of the person giving, rather than a focus on the pleasure of the person receiving.

So, while the training offered by this course can absolutely increase self-awareness and enlighten sensation, the specifics may need to be tweaked in order to fit into your life.

Sensuality Class – Week 4

The lecture for Week 4 begins with the idea of heat cycles, applied to humans.  No, we don’t typically think of human women “going into heat,” but we, as humans, are mammals.  We, as female humans, are affected by seasons, by menstrual cycles, by the cycles of other female humans around us, and can “go into heat” at will.  THAT is what sets us apart.  We can become turned on and decide to have sex wherever, whenever, without the necessity of seasons or menstrual cycles coinciding with that decision.

There are several symptoms of a woman “being in heat.”  According to The Welcomed Consensus, they’re quite varied – everything from dilated pupils, to PMS, to spring cleaning.  The symptoms are signs of tumescence – a buildup of tension in the body.  And in answer to the age-old question of WHAT DO WOMEN WANT???  The Welcomed Consensus claims that women simply want to be de-tumesced.  Women want a release of tension.  In order to completely release all tension from a woman’s body, they recommend an orgasm every four hours.  (Every four hours for how long of a period of time?  For a day, a week, an entire life?  That’s not specified.)  But, apparently, in order to keep a woman happy, all she needs is to be de-tumesced.  If you can provide your woman of choice with an orgasm every four hours, perhaps she will be yours!

In terms of being the woman in tumescence, one does not simply have to play the victim of tumescence.  Claim it!  Take charge of it!  Let it work for you!  If tumescence is stored energy, use the energy to your advantage.  Women often crave sexual gratification in the week prior to beginning their period, and in this week, tumescence is high.  “PMS can be overcome via orgasm.  The excess energy within the body during the week before menstruation can be shifted into pleasure, rather than pain.”  An orgasm will relieve cramps.  Who wouldn’t rather have an orgasm over menstrual cramps?  Try it!

While all of this “what a woman really wants is to be de-tumesced” stuff sounds good in theory, I have to wonder if the concept is just like every other “what a woman really wants” theories.  Isn’t every woman different?  I mean, seriously…I like the idea of being de-tumesced and all, but maybe what I really want is cupcakes!  😉


When a story begins with the words, “This ACTUALLY happened…Really…” you know it’s going to be good!  Such is the case with Hysteria, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s newest film about the invention of that oh-so-cherished device…the vibrator.  Yeah.  Seriously.  The opening of the film is a black screen with text proclaiming:

This story is based on true events.


So, by all intents and purposes, the opening screen sets a pretty high standard for the film.  Thankfully, the film meets all expectations.

A blatant love story, where boy meets girl, is shocked by girl, falls for girl’s sister because she’s the “proper” girl, then realizes girl’s passion far surpasses the advantages of anything proper, Hysteria does what any chick flick should do, and…BONUS!!! it offers an awesome history lesson!  Yep!  The story told in the film about the invention of the vibrator IS, in fact, legit!  The vibrator was invented and brought into medical practice in order to release the tension in doctors’ hands, wrists, and forearms, brought about by stimulating the clitorises of women in order to bring them into a state of “hysterical paroxysm.”

You see, back in the day, it was believed that most women suffered from an affliction called hysteria.  The symptoms of hysteria were varied, and really, as we now know, it was mostly sexual frustration.  The root cause of hysteria was a wandering uterus, and stimulating the clitoris in order to send the women into hysterical paroxysm settled the uterus back into place.  (This, dear friends, is the reason removal of the uterus via surgery is called a hysterectomy; removal of the hysteria.)  As quoted in the film, the thought of the time indicated that, “The female organ, as you know, is incapable of experiencing any pleasure, whatsoever, without penetration of the male organ.”


Women can’t experience pleasure without penetration.


It wasn’t a state tiptoeing the threshold between pain and pleasure on the pain side that caused the paroxysm!  It was pleasure!  It was an orgasm!  About 80-95% of women (depending on which study you read) are physically incapable of experiencing an orgasm WITHOUT clitoral stimulation.  The clitoris is the seat of pleasure for women!  The entire universe should be grateful that we’ve discovered this.  The entire universe should be grateful doctors invented vibrators.  (I know I am!)  And the entire universe should be grateful that we’ve entered into a state in our societal culture where we can watch a film about the history of the vibrator, made mainstream by interweaving it into a fabulous love story.

50 Shades Freed

Well, I’ve finished the trilogy, and I must say, it’s a bittersweet feeling.  Just as with any book, I wanted to get through and find out what happens.  And just as with any book, I’m left with a yearning for more…though perhaps a deeper and slightly more delicious yearning than with most other books I’ve read.  My life will certainly miss something special without Christian Grey, though the very end is quite promising, with the little note from E. L. James saying, “That’s all…for now.”  Does that mean we’ll get more?  Does that mean she’ll continue on the path that began at the very end of the book, recounting the entire story from Christian’s perspective?  Oh, PLEASE let it be so!  I was just getting to know him!  We all were!  Ms. James, if you’re reading this, WRITE MORE!  I want…no, I need to know the real Christian Grey!  (Ok, seriously, if there’s a real Christian Grey…)

Alright.  Now that that’s out of my system…

The third book, 50 Shades Freed reads differently from the other two in the trilogy.  Beginning further in time than the second book ends, Anastasia Steel (oops, Anastasia Grey) narrates the events in between by hopping back and forth through time, so we get both present moment and reverie before moving forward into dramatic plot twists and climactic suspense (oh, so climactic!)  Though I do wish more detail would have been given about Jack Hyde and Elizabeth’s torrid affair and the background leading up to their bizarre stunt, and Anna’s surprise pregnancy isn’t so surprising, given the allusions all throughout the book (but it would have been WAY too predictable for a pregnancy to have been the reason Christian called her “fat,” so thankfully that didn’t happen!)  And I almost wanted Elena to pop her crazy head back in a bit further than she did.  But with kidnapping, near death experiences, heroic acts of simultaneous violence and virtue, and, of course, the fantastic sex, I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the final (is it?) book at all.

Though not everyone wants to travel the world, and not everyone wants to live in what is effectively an art gallery overlooking a city equipped with a library and playroom (though I want ALL of those things, with some minor adjustments to the playroom, less of the Madonna and Child, and more of “the ordinary raised to extraordinary,”) and I don’t know anybody who wants to deal with death threats and kidnapping, I do think it is fairly safe to say that the relationship Christian and Ana have is pretty much perfection.  Yes, they have battles of will.  No, they don’t see eye to eye.  But, who doesn’t want to invite someone into their deepest desires, expose their darkest thoughts, open their entire world, and have it accepted and loved?  Who doesn’t want to find someone with whom to share every ounce of their being and have it cherished and protected?  Who doesn’t want to find someone who challenges everything they’ve ever known, only to open up new possibilities?  Who doesn’t want to test their own limits, see how far they can go, and know that it will happen safely because someone else is there doing the same thing…that the limits are being tested together?  They adore one another.  They frustrate the hell out of one another, and because of it, they grow as individuals and their relationship grows.  Plus, they have killer makeup sex!

Though I wasn’t originally looking forward to reading these books, I’m so glad I decided to take one for the team and do some market research, because I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Part of me wishes I wouldn’t have read the books yet, and would have waited until the movies came out, because I cannot wait to see them!  I’m thinking Ian Somerhalder as Christian and myself as Ana.  (I know, my hair is too short, but it grows really quickly, extensions are possible, and I know filming hasn’t started yet, because I haven’t gotten my casting call!)  The rest of me hopes James will continue writing from Christian’s perspective, because that’s REALLY interesting.  Either way, to quote the book, “Now I have to wait…fucking wait….”  I guess I’ll just have to re-read them.  (Most likely, that will happen multiple times.)




50 Shades Darker

Death threats and wild sex and love!  Oh, my!

As I finish the second book in the 50 Shades trilogy by E. L. James, I find myself deeper in love with the characters and more captivated by the story than I would have imagined possible when I first downloaded these books.  Not only have I gone through every human emotion possible throughout the never-ending twists and turns of the plot line, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that had I been born Anastasia Steel, I would have gone through the situation in exactly the same way!  I most certainly would have decided to sign the contract, but would have pushed the limits to the extreme in the ways she has, so that signing wouldn’t have been necessary.  Holy hotness, I was born to be Anastasia Steel!  Where’s my movie contract?  😉

Yes, the writing is still a bit lacking, and yes, the scenarios are still a bit contrived, but I have been seduced by the trilogy.  I fully admit, not even begrudgingly now, that I am a fan.  The books have bewitched me, as Ana bewitched Christian.

I’ve recommended these books to so many people in the last week, it’s ridiculous.  Considering the fact that I work in the field of adult sexuality, and I encounter new people in my business every day, my clients are taking my recommendation seriously, and I’m grateful for that.  Those who are avid readers, like myself, will have to set aside the repetitive nature of the writing, of course, but I believe they, too, will be lured into the Red Room of Pain, and come out completely gratified by the experience.  And, not only will they be entertained, but it will cause them to think about their own limits and interests with regard to sensuality in ways that they may not have previously considered.  If I have but one goal in life, it is to awaken something within those around me, in order for them to more fully explore themselves and find pieces of themselves they never dreamed existed.  So, if you’ve not yet picked up your copy of the 50 Shades trilogy, do so.  Explore yourself vicariously through the amorous story of Ana and Christian.  You may like what you find!

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