50 Shades Freed

Well, I’ve finished the trilogy, and I must say, it’s a bittersweet feeling.  Just as with any book, I wanted to get through and find out what happens.  And just as with any book, I’m left with a yearning for more…though perhaps a deeper and slightly more delicious yearning than with most other books I’ve read.  My life will certainly miss something special without Christian Grey, though the very end is quite promising, with the little note from E. L. James saying, “That’s all…for now.”  Does that mean we’ll get more?  Does that mean she’ll continue on the path that began at the very end of the book, recounting the entire story from Christian’s perspective?  Oh, PLEASE let it be so!  I was just getting to know him!  We all were!  Ms. James, if you’re reading this, WRITE MORE!  I want…no, I need to know the real Christian Grey!  (Ok, seriously, if there’s a real Christian Grey…)

Alright.  Now that that’s out of my system…

The third book, 50 Shades Freed reads differently from the other two in the trilogy.  Beginning further in time than the second book ends, Anastasia Steel (oops, Anastasia Grey) narrates the events in between by hopping back and forth through time, so we get both present moment and reverie before moving forward into dramatic plot twists and climactic suspense (oh, so climactic!)  Though I do wish more detail would have been given about Jack Hyde and Elizabeth’s torrid affair and the background leading up to their bizarre stunt, and Anna’s surprise pregnancy isn’t so surprising, given the allusions all throughout the book (but it would have been WAY too predictable for a pregnancy to have been the reason Christian called her “fat,” so thankfully that didn’t happen!)  And I almost wanted Elena to pop her crazy head back in a bit further than she did.  But with kidnapping, near death experiences, heroic acts of simultaneous violence and virtue, and, of course, the fantastic sex, I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the final (is it?) book at all.

Though not everyone wants to travel the world, and not everyone wants to live in what is effectively an art gallery overlooking a city equipped with a library and playroom (though I want ALL of those things, with some minor adjustments to the playroom, less of the Madonna and Child, and more of “the ordinary raised to extraordinary,”) and I don’t know anybody who wants to deal with death threats and kidnapping, I do think it is fairly safe to say that the relationship Christian and Ana have is pretty much perfection.  Yes, they have battles of will.  No, they don’t see eye to eye.  But, who doesn’t want to invite someone into their deepest desires, expose their darkest thoughts, open their entire world, and have it accepted and loved?  Who doesn’t want to find someone with whom to share every ounce of their being and have it cherished and protected?  Who doesn’t want to find someone who challenges everything they’ve ever known, only to open up new possibilities?  Who doesn’t want to test their own limits, see how far they can go, and know that it will happen safely because someone else is there doing the same thing…that the limits are being tested together?  They adore one another.  They frustrate the hell out of one another, and because of it, they grow as individuals and their relationship grows.  Plus, they have killer makeup sex!

Though I wasn’t originally looking forward to reading these books, I’m so glad I decided to take one for the team and do some market research, because I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Part of me wishes I wouldn’t have read the books yet, and would have waited until the movies came out, because I cannot wait to see them!  I’m thinking Ian Somerhalder as Christian and myself as Ana.  (I know, my hair is too short, but it grows really quickly, extensions are possible, and I know filming hasn’t started yet, because I haven’t gotten my casting call!)  The rest of me hopes James will continue writing from Christian’s perspective, because that’s REALLY interesting.  Either way, to quote the book, “Now I have to wait…fucking wait….”  I guess I’ll just have to re-read them.  (Most likely, that will happen multiple times.)





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