Get Lucky

You know what pisses me off?  When people tell me I’m lucky.  I’m not lucky.  Luck does not exist.  Those who are seen to be lucky simply work for what they want.  They decide where they’re going, and they take the steps to get there, even when they’re in the dark.

Yes, I paid off my car two years early.  That wasn’t because of luck.

Yes, I’m headed for a two week European vacation.  That has nothing to do with luck.

Yes, I took seven vacations last year, and have three or four more later on this year.  Luck did not grant me those trips.

Yes, I love my job, have a blast every time I go to work, and make a hell of a lot more money working a hell of a lot fewer hours now than I have at any other time in my life.  And, yes, I am on the path toward even more of that.  Luck hasn’t come in to play in any of it.

I am very grateful for everything I have, everything I do, and all of the people who have helped me to get to where I am now, as well as those who will help me to get to where I’m going.  I am quite fortunate to work with an amazing company and a fantastic team of (mostly) women (and a few dedicated men) who have trained me, and several others, very well…and continue to train us all the time.  But luck has no part of that.

What do you want to change about your life?

So, you’re still making payments on your car, you’ve got some credit card debt, you’ve not taken a vacation since before your kids were born, and you’ve never been out of the country.  Ok.  Don’t envy me!  JOIN ME!  I can teach you how to change all that, and do so in a way that positively affects other people.  Change your own life, while changing the lives of others!

Did you know that over 80% of the women who make six figures a year are in direct sales?  And more than 95% of the female millionaires are in this industry?

Maybe you’re thinking that you can’t do what I do.  I promise you that you can.  Public speaking is the #1 fear in the world…above death.  You know what that means?  Tons of people who have started their own direct sales businesses have had a horrible fear of talking in front of others, and they have had help to overcome it.  All personality types are in this industry.  It takes no specific education or work experience.  All it takes is the desire to do it…the desire to improve your life.  If you DON’T want to improve your life, that’s fine.  If you have everything you could possibly want and do everything you want to do, that’s fantastic!  Congratulations!  Not many people fit into that category.  You are one of very few.

Maybe you’re thinking that my company isn’t right for you.  Fine.  Find one you identify with and support.  Find one whose products you’re passionate about.  Find one whose philosophy is something you can get behind.  Find one who will train you well and pay you well.  Find a team and a sponsor who will support you in every way possible.  And join them.

I do what I do because I simply want to change the world, and have a good fucking time doing it.  I wholeheartedly believe that what we, as Passion Consultants, do benefits our society.  We open the doors for women to explore their sensuality.  We open lines of communication between couples, in order to strengthen relationships and marriages.  We give adults permission to become comfortable with their sexuality, and they, in turn, are then able to communicate to their children what it means to have a healthy, responsible, sexual relationship.  When parents understand, they can teach their children.  Not only will that help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and curb the rate of teen pregnancy, but it will also help to diminish the acts of sexual violence.  So, yeah, I sell sex toys, and because of all the implications of that, I’m damned proud of it!  My companies’ philosophy is based in education, enhancing intimate relationship, improving communication, and most importantly, “women helping women.”  (That’s in our mission statement, and we read it at every corporate event.)

When you decide you want a part of this action, let me know.  I’ll help you get started on your own passionate journey.  And if, after all of that, you’re still thinking that I’m lucky, then contact me.  I’ll help you get lucky, too.

About kelijackson

We’ve been taught for so long that our bodies are sinful. “Down there” is dirty. Sexual conversation is whispered, if discussed at all. Questions go unanswered. Negative perceptions remain uncorrected. Misconceptions run wild in the minds of women, men couples in our culture. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help shed the lies you’ve heard and grown to believe about your body, your sensuality, your sexuality, and intimacy within two of your most precious relationships: that with your partner, and perhaps more importantly, that with yourself. “We?” That’s right! I lead an international team of Passion Consultants called The Orgasm Factory. We are a movement of women, joining forces to help enhance the intimacy in those precious relationships all across the US and Canada. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself these questions: What would you do with an extra $1,000 a month? What if you could earn that extra $1,000 each month working an average of just one evening each week? What if that work consisted of having a blast, partying with other women, and helping to enhance their intimacy? What if, within your network of co-workers, you felt supported, encouraged, and were recognized for your accomplishments? What if you partnered with a company that rewarded you with BONUS CASH, luxury vacations, a company-paid car, and a ton of other prizes? What if your part-time job (or new career) consisted of making new friends and helping them to reach their goals and make their dreams come true? That’s what I do! That’s what I help my team to do! And you can join our team! I’ll personally train you, you’ll get training and support from our team, and you’ll have access to the incredible training opportunities Passion Parties Corporate provides for us! (I’ve had two training sessions with Dr. Drew! Corporate offers us the absolute BEST training imaginable!) So, CALL ME! (No. Seriously. Call me. You DEFINITELY want in on this.) I’ll help you get started, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I’ll have faith in you until you have faith in yourself. If you’re not sure, that’s ok. We can talk about it. I’ll answer all of your questions and give you all the information you want. If, after that, you’re still not sure, book a party and get all of the fabulous Hostess Rewards we offer, just for getting a few friends together and letting me or one of my team members show you what we’re all about! You’ll not only receive the benefits of being one of our hostesses, you’ll also have the opportunity to look at the business from inside the party. Then, we’ll talk again and see if it’s a good fit! Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t necessarily teach us everything we need to know about sex, and we certainly didn’t learn enough in school. When you host your own Passion Party, one of my team members or I will teach you and your friends how to discover the joy of enhancing the intimacy in those precious relationships! We’ll show you some of our absolute best products, from the mild to the wild, and help you find exactly what you need the most. All consultations are confidential, to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Your secrets will remain your secrets. You’ll laugh! You’ll learn! You’ll have a one-of-a-kind shopportunity to bring Passion to life! View all posts by kelijackson

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