5 Sexy Tips for a Sizzling Summer Staycation

Make Staying in feel really good!


While your Facebook friends may be posting photos from vacations in exotic locations, amusement parks or even the mountains, you may find yourself unable or unwilling to experience such luxury this year.  Maybe it’s work, social obligations or a lack of funds keeping you home.  But whatever the reason, there is no excuse for not giving yourself the gift of a sexy staycation.

The whole purpose of a vacation is to spend quality time with the one(s) you love.  The fact of the matter s that you don’t need to leave the comfort of home to do this.  With a little strategy and a lot of imagination, you and your lover can enjoy all the benefits a vacation has to offer without leaving town.  Here are five tips to help:


1. Plan it.  Put as much effort into the planning of your staycation as you would any other vacation.  Will you be staying home or in a nearby hotel?  When will your staycation happen, and how many days will it last?  Involve your partner in the process so that both of you are satisfied with the results.

2. Create a theme and ambience.  It sounds silly, but developing a theme for your staycation helps to set the mood.  If you two have been married forever, maybe you can recreate your honeymoon.  Or, if you are both adventurers, select a safari theme.  Dress and decorate your home or hotel room in a way that celebrates your chosen theme.

3. Get rid of your dependents.  Hey, it’s only temporary, right?  If you have children, now is a great time to send them to Aunt Betsy’s.  Ask your sister to stay at your home to watch your elderly parents while you and your lover stay at a nearby hotel.  And nowadays, there are many options for boarding pets.  You and your playmate need quality, uninterrupted “we” time.

4. Stock up on supplies.  Who wants to make a trip to the store during a staycation?  Be sure you have plenty of food, beverages, sun block, and of course, sensual items.  You’ll want lubrication, a couple’s toy (think We-Vibe), a vibrator, and lingerie.  And remember to have plenty of batteries…unless you go with rechargeable toys!

5. Really be on vacation.  Just because you’re staying in town doesn’t mean you can maintain your normal schedule.  Take time off from work.  Get off the grid.  Hide your technology, if you have to.  Don’t check your email and keep the television off.  Focus all of your attention on your partner and give your relationship a break from the stress, rigmarole and pressures of your everyday world.  You both deserve it!




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