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When I was a kid, my mom had a wooden artist’s easel.  She purchased a giant pad of paper and a set of watercolors for me, and I LOVED painting on that easel!  There is one very distinct painting session I recall that stays with me into adulthood. 


In this memory, I’m four or five years old.  I don’t recall the season, but my brother was not yet born, and I was 20 days shy of turning six when he joined our family.  My mother is washing dishes in the kitchen of our top level duplex apartment, and I’m painting in the dining room.  My mom asks what I’m painting, and I tell her, “I’m painting ME!  But as a grown-up.”  Rather than asking what I want to be when I grow up, she asks about the painting, and has me tell her about me as a grown-up.

“Well,” I begin, “right now, I’m relaxing in a lawn chair by the pool.  I’m on vacation.  But when I’m not on vacation, I’m an artist, and an actress, and a teacher, and an aerobics instructor, and I have my own business…”  And after a brief pause, I add, “and I’m a firefighter.”   I remember throwing in that last part because I wanted to sound more normal, and normal kids wanted to be a doctor, a firefighter, or an astronaut.  I really had no interest in any of those professions.

The painting was simply a green stick figure lying sideways on a “lawn chair” that looked kinda like a lazy capital L.  What the painting looked like didn’t matter.  The painting’s representation, however, was more of a prophesy than anything.

As I sit on the very last day of my 20s (yes, my 30th birthday is TOMORROW!  Eeek!) I can’t help but think of this painting, and feel pride that I’ve actually accomplished everything I wanted to do as a child.  Granted, things look a little different than I imagined at four.  I have degrees in ceramics and theatre.  I have had my artwork displayed in various art galleries throughout the midwest.  (Artist – check!)  I’ve not only acted in, but have also directed, stage managed, and designed lighting, scenery, and sound for a pretty large number of stage productions.  (Actor – check!)  While I don’t teach aerobics, I do help people transform their bodies to achieve optimum health and wellness as a massage therapist.  (Alternative health professional – check!)  I’ve taught art history at the university level.  (Teacher – check!)  And I am very proud to say that I run a business that not only helps women and couples learn about their bodies and relationship communication, but also teaches them about sexual health, and teaches other women how to run businesses of the same amazing magnitude!  I help my clients, hostesses, and business partners reach new levels of personal exploration and growth, along with the fabulous company I call my partner.  (Business owner – check!)  Firefighter…let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I never have to do that one!

Staring into the opportunity that awaits tomorrow, as I embark upon the journey of an entirely new decade, I’ve decided to create some new life goals.  Yes, I have a traditional bucket list full of travel and experiences that I’d like to have during this precious process we call life, but if none of them happened, I think I would be perfectly happy, provided I continuously work toward making the following two ideas a reality:

1. Have there be little to no difference between my work and my play.

2. Inspire others to enrich their lives and relationships, and reach their fullest potential.

If I can live with true joy in my work and help those around me to see themselves in a shinier light, I can call my life’s purpose fulfilled.  So far, I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job.

Here’s to my 30s – another decade full of personal growth, joy, love, laughter, devotion, and reaching for the stars!


Sensual Zodiac – Libra

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Libra Woman

September 24-October 23

You were born on the most important day of the year!  Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences.  These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature.  Discover new intimate secrets about yourself as well as find the keys to your sexual happiness.


You are thoughtful, sensitive and you seek harmony in all things.

As a Sensual Libra woman, you have been blessed with the total package.  People can’t help but feel fascinated by your sense of humor, inspired by your childlike wonder, and intrigued by your wide-eyed curiosity.  You are easy to be around and so easy to make laugh.  You are gracious, entertaining, and have a glowing appeal that naturally draws people to you.


Tender Tact, Sincere Charm and Unflappable Diplomacy

Your deepest desire is to maintain meaningful connections with people.  Sensual Libras go about their lives quietly setting new standards.  You have a real gift as a listener.  Your ability to communicate with people makes you very popular.  It’s no wonder that you are the person your friends call on first for advice and helpful suggestions.

If you’re not already writing novels or creating poetry, you could be.  Naturally creative and intuitive, you have a way with words, written or spoken.  You love to get involved in an intriguing conversation.  In fact, there are times when debating actually turns you on.  Sometimes you even take the opposing view…just to stir things up a bit.


Here’s a little known secret about you:

Stress is one of the only things that gets you down.  You don’t like the feeling of overwhelm, chaos or disorder.  Peace and tranquility are must-haves for you.  Deep down, you are a natural born caregiver.  Sweet, sensitive and sincere…plants, animals and children blossom in your care.

If your brand of sex appeal was a perfume, it would be called “Surrender.”  Why?  Because when you give yourself, you don’t hold back.

In private, you are very playful.  Sexually, you are a true romantic.  You love to dance, giggle and have fun in bed with your lover.


How to seduce you?

You have a highly sensuous nature.  Romance is an extension of your authentic self.  You prefer to be coaxed out of your shell slowly and given plenty of opportunities to relax.  You like natural scenery and sensual settings.


(Secretly) Your deepest fantasy is to make love in a field of wild flowers.

You love flowers and flowers respond to your love.  Bating yourself in essential oils and plant extracts brings out more of your passionate side.


Best Passion Product for You:

RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candle

Why? Because the romance of making love with the sensual scent of plumeria or blissful breeze is intoxicating to you.



Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.

Passion Parties Strikes Again!

I’ve just attended one of the most incredible corporate training retreats I think has ever happened in the history of corporate training retreats, and could not be more proud to associate myself with such a strong group of intelligent, motivated, inspiring women.  The Passion Parties Way and Passion Parties University that have been revealed this year are full of information designed to make our businesses easier, streamline our processes and systems, and develop networks of sisterhood for support and integration.  All of it works together to provide us with the training we need to help others as clients, hostesses, and business partners, so that we can provide the best service possible within the context of our businesses.

Every corporate event is like a shot in the arm for the businesses of those who make the decision to attend, and they just keep getting better!  The staff in our corporate office is dedicated to the success of those of us in the sales force.  They are fully committed to us, providing us with what we need, and helping us grow both professionally and (more importantly) personally.  The personal growth I’ve experienced since beginning my Passion journey is like nothing I could have ever expected, and I am so grateful for that!

Our top leaders within Passion Parties are Disciplined, Inspiring, Vibrant, and Accomplished – living a truly positive D.I.V.A. lifestyle, and helping to arouse the passion in everyone they meet.  And passion is so powerful!

The women I had the great honor of spending time with this week operate with graciousness boldness, standing for strength, growth, positive change, and influencing those around them.  I aspire to operate in the same manner and help others find their passion, claim it, grow with it, and positively impact our world.

Thank you to Joanne Harvie, Janet Cronstedt, and Renee Rand for sharing such important information with us this week, and for the lovely gifts.  Thank you to everyone else in the corporate office who worked tirelessly to put together such an amazing event.  Thank you to the Million Dollar Club and Executive Director Council who gave their time and energy to the creation of our sessions and to the speakers who shared their knowledge and wisdom with us.  Thank you to the Executive Directors who made the decision to attend, took the time out of their busy lives, and showed up.  Thank you to the Embassy Suites Lakefront for providing a fantastic location and excellent service.  And thank you to Brooke Reinertsen, Katherine Fritz, and the other Passionate Visionaries Executive Directors for everything you do.  Starting my Passion Parties business was absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m so grateful to have joined the best team in the company!

URGENT: Read This Article

Pamela Madsen is brilliant.  I *almost* had the opportunity to work with her about a year ago, and I’d love to make that a reality, especially after reading this article.  While I haven’t had her experiences, everything in this article outside of specifics regarding what has happened in her life pretty much mirrors my thoughts and feelings regarding individual sexuality and how sexuality is viewed in our culture.  This is important!  This is genius!  This is definitely worth the 15 minutes it will take you to read it!

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Virgo Woman

Sensual Zodiac

You were born on the most important day of the year!  Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality, and your foreplay preferences.  These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature.  Discover new intimate secrets about yourself and find the keys to your sexual happiness.


Sensual Virgo women are the consequential voyeurs of the Sensual Zodiac.

It’s interesting to watch…the other people watching you.  You’ve got the special female magic that attracts attention like a magnet.  Women admire your competence.  Men are attracted to your quiet confidence.


Thoughtful, Affectionate and Gracious

You are intuitive, astute, efficient, reliable and ready to change the world.  No matter if you’re being a wife, mother or CEO (or all three!) your amazing attention to detail, coupled with your deep desire to help, makes you unstoppable.


Sensuous, Naive and Mischievous

You are an intriguing combination of virgin and vixen.  To the outside world you appear wholesome and pure as snow.  In private you are fierce, passionate and exciting.  If your sex appeal was a perfume, it might be called “Innocence.”  Why?  Because you have that sweet and sexy, practical and playful, girl-next-door combination that is too tempting for most to resist.  That’s why falling in love with you is so easy.


What does a Sensual Virgo woman want?

Simply put, you want the best of everything.  You want security and freedom.  You want passion and harmony.  You want friendship and wild romance.  You want surprises and predictability.  You want it all.  And lucky for you, you are the kind of woman who gets exactly what she wants.


How to seduce you?

It’s the kiss that unlocks your sensual door.  For you, the magic of sex is found in the lips.  If your lover wants to truly blow your mind in bed, (s)he must master the seven kisses of the Kama Sutra.

1. The kiss of bliss – Warm lips, soft tongue, slow and melting.

2. The kiss of the butterfly – Warm lips, light as butterfly wings.

3. The kiss of the vampire – Warm breath, tiny nibbles on the neck.

4. The kiss of the sword – Firm, wet, darting and dueling tongues.

5. The kiss of the rose – Hot lips, warm tongue, circling your clitoris.

6. The kiss of the bee – Hot lips, warm nibbles on your breasts and nipples.

7. The kiss of the rain – Warm kisses that fall in hundreds of spots.


(Secretly) Your deepest fantasy is…

To be kissed senseless.  You long to have every spot on your body kissed – from the tip of your nose, to the tips of your toes, to the back of your knees (the most untouched part of a woman’s body), to the back of your hand.  You want to be showered with kisses while you slowly melt like ice cream in the hot Caribbean sun.


Best Passion Product for you:


Why?  It will help you and your lover enjoy some of the best kisses ever.  Enjoy yourself as you invite your partner to practice the kiss of the bee on you while wearing Nibblers.




Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.


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