‘Tis the Season for the Senses!

The smell of peppermint, the sound of a crackling fire, nature’s wonderland of sparkly white, the taste of gingerbread and the feel of your lover’s warm embrace — all of these elements of winter are bound to inspire your romantic side.  Here are our tips for seducing your senses this season.



Studies show that scent is the strongest sense linked to memory.  Why not use this nostalgic instrument to invoke intimate memories for your lover…anywhere, anytime?  Regularly incorporate a specific fragrance into your lovemaking, and then later use that same fragrance to remind your lover of those intimate moments.

For example, spray Silky Sheets in your favorite fragrance (Plumeria, Pomegranate Ginger or Pear) prior to intimate encounters.  Use regularly and you’ll eventually be able to initiate the “bow-shicky-wow-wow” with a mere spray.  Next time you need your lover’s attention while he or she is preoccupied with other things, just spray that same fragrance near your partner and the romantic memories will consume the mind.

Scent enhances the experience of love and life.  Try RomantaTherapy Seduction Soy Massage Candle in Blissful Breeze for your next couple’s massage, Passion Body Dew before a night out, or Pure Instinct to enhance your natural pheromones and the fragrances you wear all day.



Most people would agree that food is the best thing next to sex.  Why?  Because taste is oh so pleasurable!  Combine taste with sex and you’ve got an experience of heavenly indulgence.

Here’s an idea: add flavor to your nipples with Nibblers.  Begin by wearing a sexy top with an extra low neckline, then tempt your lover to trace your cleavage area by tongue.

For a flavor, rewarding and intimate experience, cook a meal with your significant other.  The bonding session builds closeness and often generates feelings that lead to a hot evening of passion.  Try a winter-friendly recipe, like Herbed Risotto in The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook.  Sample as you cook, feeding one another a spoonful here and there.



Hearing a lover’s voice can send heat waves of desire down the body.  Pear this with a sexy message and it’s a passionate moment in the making.

The next time you and your partner are out and about, whisper something reminiscent of a hot sexperience you had together.  Your lover will want to rip your clothes off right there on the spot.  Also, pay attention to the moans and “ohs” your partner makes during lovemaking.  Let the sounds guide you as you hit the right spots.  And, remember to add a little mood music to enhance the experience.



Whether or not you believe in the benefits of Feng Shui, there’s no denying that a clutter-free, warmly lit, soothing toned bedroom serves as an ideal setting for passion.  Make sure your bedroom is romance-ready by clearing out distractions such as children’s toys on the floor, a laptop on the nightstand, a pile of laundry in the corner, harsh lighting, a stack of bills, etc.  Everything in view should be conducive to rest, relaxation and passion.



There’s no denying that touch is one of the most powerful senses.  After all, what is the largest human sensory organ?  The skin! And it’s packed with four million sensitive nerve endings concentrated in areas known as erogenous zones.  When stimulated, these areas elicit sexual arousal.

You’re already aware of the pleasure potential that exists within your genitals; however, erogenous zones can be found all over the body.  These areas vary from person to person, but some common locations include the inner thigh area, breasts, nipple, neck, perineum, eyelids and shoulders.  You and your partner can discover new moan zones by running the feather Tease Me Tickler along every crevice.  Want more intense sensations?  Try Shades of Red & Black.  Available for a limited time, this set comes with Feather Nipple Clamps, Tease Me Tickler, Comfy Cuffs, and a free Sexy Paddle, all sure to bring your touch sensory experience to new heights!

Remember to maintain a regular skincare regimen to keep your skin smooth and ready for touch foreplay.  Our entire RomantaTherapy skincare line provides the perfect ingredients for silky-soft skin.







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We’ve been taught for so long that our bodies are sinful. “Down there” is dirty. Sexual conversation is whispered, if discussed at all. Questions go unanswered. Negative perceptions remain uncorrected. Misconceptions run wild in the minds of women, men couples in our culture. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help shed the lies you’ve heard and grown to believe about your body, your sensuality, your sexuality, and intimacy within two of your most precious relationships: that with your partner, and perhaps more importantly, that with yourself. “We?” That’s right! I lead an international team of Passion Consultants called The Orgasm Factory. We are a movement of women, joining forces to help enhance the intimacy in those precious relationships all across the US and Canada. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself these questions: What would you do with an extra $1,000 a month? What if you could earn that extra $1,000 each month working an average of just one evening each week? What if that work consisted of having a blast, partying with other women, and helping to enhance their intimacy? What if, within your network of co-workers, you felt supported, encouraged, and were recognized for your accomplishments? What if you partnered with a company that rewarded you with BONUS CASH, luxury vacations, a company-paid car, and a ton of other prizes? What if your part-time job (or new career) consisted of making new friends and helping them to reach their goals and make their dreams come true? That’s what I do! That’s what I help my team to do! And you can join our team! I’ll personally train you, you’ll get training and support from our team, and you’ll have access to the incredible training opportunities Passion Parties Corporate provides for us! (I’ve had two training sessions with Dr. Drew! Corporate offers us the absolute BEST training imaginable!) So, CALL ME! (No. Seriously. Call me. You DEFINITELY want in on this.) I’ll help you get started, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I’ll have faith in you until you have faith in yourself. If you’re not sure, that’s ok. We can talk about it. I’ll answer all of your questions and give you all the information you want. If, after that, you’re still not sure, book a party and get all of the fabulous Hostess Rewards we offer, just for getting a few friends together and letting me or one of my team members show you what we’re all about! You’ll not only receive the benefits of being one of our hostesses, you’ll also have the opportunity to look at the business from inside the party. Then, we’ll talk again and see if it’s a good fit! Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t necessarily teach us everything we need to know about sex, and we certainly didn’t learn enough in school. When you host your own Passion Party, one of my team members or I will teach you and your friends how to discover the joy of enhancing the intimacy in those precious relationships! We’ll show you some of our absolute best products, from the mild to the wild, and help you find exactly what you need the most. All consultations are confidential, to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Your secrets will remain your secrets. You’ll laugh! You’ll learn! You’ll have a one-of-a-kind shopportunity to bring Passion to life! View all posts by kelijackson

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