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The Rx for Great Sex!




Everyone wants to have the strongest relationship they can possibly have.  We’ve stressed it repeatedly: Physical intimacy is the key part of bonding.  The more connected you feel, the more sex you will have.  And the more sex you have, the stronger your relationship will be.  But sometimes that is easier said than done.  For people who are always on the go, have careers, kids, or other things that require their attention, it can be hard to make time for some lovin’.  Fear not!  We have the prescription for some common problems that may be ailing your relationship.



The issue: I’m too tired!

You likely have all sorts of things that require your attention at various times of the day and, very often the amount of energy you expend toward these things can leave you feeling…well, a little drained.  It’s hard to think of sexy time when you’re feeling so burned out that all you want to do is lounge on the couch in your PJs.

The solution: Plan ahead for sex

Sure, the idea of “planning” for sex sounds ridiculous and contrived, but hear us out!  Set aside one night a week to take a break from the stress (maybe the same night as “date night”?).  After all, studies show that coitus is a wonderful way to decompress and reconnect with your partner.  And what did we say about being connected?  Exactly!  To make your time together more interesting, change it up every week, whether it’s with massage oils, blindfolds or anything else that inspires you and your honey!



The issue: I don’t feel sexy.

Everyone has things about their appearance or body that they don’t like.  Sometimes, those things can really put a damper on your sex life.  After all, it’s difficult to get frisky when you aren’t feeling so attractive or feel down about yourself.

The solution: Change your mindset

Firstly, remember that your partner is with you for a reason!  you are beautiful inside and out, just the way you are.  Everyone has days when they feel less than stunning.  (Even Victoria’s Secret models have these days, too.  Shocking, we know!)  But it’s important to remember to love yourself, love your body and know that your partner probably thinks the world of you.  We think you’re gorgeous!

If you really feel the need to get more fit, studies show that people feel happier in their sex lives when they are content with how they look.  Being active increases your energy, hormone levels and confidence about sex appeal.  When you feel like you look your best, you’ll give your  best!



The issue: Everything feels so stale and planned

After a few years (or even months!) of being together, it can become harder to be spontaneous and adventurous.  And, after all that scheduling we were talking about earlier, things can get a bit routine.

The solution: Spice it up, of course!

The best way to break out of a sexual rut is to introduce new elements into your sex life. Have a position you want to try?  Always wanted to throw a bit of kink in to heat things up?  Let your partner know!  Communication is key when it comest to getting what you want out of your sex life, so you’ll be happy you spoke up!

Not sure where to start?  Passion Parties has all sorts of great products, ranging from mild to wild, to help you amp up your sex life.  Check them all out at  Not sure how to introduce toys into the bedroom?  We’ve got you covered there as well!

With a bit of planning and consideration, you and your honey can make 2013 the sexiest year ever!





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Sensual Zodiac – Aquarius

Happy birthday, Aquarius!

You were born on the most important day of the year!  Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality and your foreplay preferences.  These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sexual nature.  Discover new intimate secrets about yourself and find the keys to your sexual happiness.

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Aquarius Woman

You are among the people most likely to be seen on a nude beach.  Sensual Aquarians like to be au natural.



What makes you such a sensational treat?

It is because your feelings run so deep.  The truth is, we know by now, to expect anything from you.  Yet you continue to surprise and fascinate us.  You are a living example of female power, laced with undeniable grace.  You glide through life as if you are floating on a cloud of cotton candy.  Like a sunflower, your smile lights up the natural beauty of your face.  You were born to give love, which means you will always be loved.


Kind, Intuitive and a Free Spirit

Quietly you rebel against mediocrity.  You have a knack for seeing things as they really are.  Opposing forces have no power over you.  You have the true riches of life.  You understand the importance of taking time to explore and stay connected with your loved ones.


Here is another little secret about you:

You have had many high moments of spontaneous joy and wonder.  In fact, your open nature gives you the ability to laugh during orgasm or cry during a sunset.


The biggest secret of your sex appeal?

Pure sensual energy shimmers around you like fairy dust.  If they named a perfume after you, they could call it “Innocence.”  Why?  Because you exude the purest essence of compelling innocence and sensuality of the Sensual Zodiacs.  Subtle, yet powerful, you do not have to act out in order to stand out.


How to seduce you?

Patience is the password.  Genuine friendship is the key that unlocks your door.  With you, true love is when two friends fall in love.  You like the idea of interest before intimacy.  For you, sex is a very private matter and friendship is similar to foreplay.  Love making is a union of body, thoughts and feelings.  You need the space to create, the freedom to feel, and the permission to let your feelings flow like liquid.


What else has the power to enchant you?

You enjoy the romantic rituals that are based on mutual interest — things like cooking a gourmet meal, spending time in the Rockies, flying kites in Central Park or swimming with the dolphins.  Whatever you do, you prefer to enjoy the feeling of connection before feeling comfortable enough to totally open up.


Best Passion Product for you:
The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex


Why?  Because you are one of life’s greatest romantics and you like to learn new things.  This book helps guide you and your partner to new and exciting experiences.  It is perfect for you.




Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.

Sexual Healing: 5 Sexual New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider Making!


What a fabulous and wonderful year 2012 was, and as 2013 gets off to a great start, we all reflect upon the past and look toward the new year with anticipation.  Every year, we make resolutions: We tell ourselves that things are going to change.  Maybe they do.  Maybe they don’t.  But this year, let’s not put our relationships on the back burner when it comes to sex and intimacy.

Studies show the most popular New Year’s goals are to lose weight, improve finances and reduce stress.  However, when there is a brand new year ahead, we should recommit ourselves to have a better romantic connection with our partners.  Here are five sexual New Year’s resolutions to consider for the year:


Spend more time loving yourself

Okay, maybe it is a bit redundant but it’s true: It’s hard to love someone else until you love yourself first.  Maybe there are things you don’t like about yourself or would like to change, but your flaws are part of what makes you unique and wonderful.  Embrace who you are and own it with certainty.  After all, the most beautiful thing a person can wear is confidence and when you’re more assured, it will definitely make things hotter in the bedroom.


Communication is key

Communication is one of the biggest things we should all work on in our relationships.  Not only will it improve our interaction with our partners but it can also initiate a conversation about sexual fantasies and desires.  Have something you’ve always wanted to try?  There’s no harm in bringing it up!  Doing so will get you both talking…and experimenting.


Try something new

With how crazy and chaotic life tends to be, sometimes our exhaustion can leave us in a sexual rut. The best way to get out of one is to experience the thrill and rush of trying something new.  Again, a little communication can go a long way and the anticipation and build up can lead to an explosive finish and memorable tryst!


Plan regular date nights

Date night is a night for you to dress to impress or just do something sweet with your significant other to try and recapture the excitement you had at the beginning of your relationship.  Go out for a nice dinner and dress to the nines or make dinner together and eat by candlelight at home.  Set aside a day every week when you and your partner devote this time to each other.  It’s a proven fact: the more date nights you have, the more sex you will have.  And the more sex you have, the stronger your relationship will be.


Add to your Passion Pantry

With all this discussion about communication, broadening your horizons, and trying something new, you might be looking to add a few things to your Passion Pantry to heat things up!  Luckily, I have you covered.  Passion Parties carries a wide variety of products, ranging from mild to wild, which encourage couples to explore the steamier side of their relationships with imagination and sensuality.  Contact me with questions, for recommendations, or simply shop online at




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