Five Easy Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day




Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  This day, above all others, has been instituted as the day to show your significant other how you feel about him or her.  Sometimes, the holiday can be intimidating if you’re not sure what to do or how to celebrate.  Below are a few suggestions for fun, creative ways to show your love this year!


Say it with music:  Make a mix full of music that your partner loves and watch your lover melt in your arms!  You know better than anyone what your sweetheart likes to listen to, after all!  Use this opportunity to create something thoughtful and sexy.  Who knows?  Maybe your sonic montage will lead to some seriously hot loving later.

Breakfast in bed:  When you combine good food and a comfortable bed, everyone wins! Take some time to make a special breakfast for your significant other and serve it to them as they’re waking up for a sweet surprise.

Take a picnic:  Okay, so it is winter for most of you, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a place with decent weather this time of year (or you can find a good indoor spot,) consider having a picnic during lunch!  Sharing an hour of your time in the middle of the day can be a wonderful pick-me-up for both of you.  Not sure what to pack?  Consider this: bananas are a tasty aphrodisiac!  Check out the recipes in Intercourses: Aphrodisiac Cookbook for more ideas.

Have a sexy spa night:  Do the stresses of life have you down?  Melt them away with an  inexpensive spa night to delight your partner.  Share a warm bath with scented lavender or rose petals and offer your lover a head-to-toe massage.  Might we recommend our pheromone-enhancing RomantaTherapy products for this excursion?  They come in three different fragrances and have everything you need for a luxurious spa experience without the luxurious price tag, and as part of our Valentine’s specials, when you purchase Refreshing Bath & Shower Cream, Smoothing Sugar Scrub, and Toning Body Butter, you will receive a bottle of our #1 selling product – Pure Satisfaction – absolutely FREE!  Or, perhaps you’ll love the Toasty and Tasty set available for the Valentine’s season, featuring two warming massagers and our Cremesicle edible massage cream in your choice of flavor: strawberry, vanilla, or orange!

Offer coupons:  One of the most popular DIY Valentine’s gifts people give are lover’s coupons.  You can make a few, or a whole book-full, of fun and sexy treats your honey can “redeem.”  Try making some vouchers for massages, breakfast, or other much sexier things!  Not the crafty type?  Check out our Lover’s Coupon book!


For the Valentine’s Specials, click the Valentine link to the right on the shopping page!




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