Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with Kegel Exercises




There’s nothing sexy about a leaky bladder.

And believe it or not, incontinence isn’t something that only happens to the elderly or pregnant women.  No.  It’s much more common than that.  In fact, a recent study in Australia shows that even young women under the age of 30 who have never given birth can also experience this embarrassing, yet perfectly natural issue.

So what do you do to avoid incontinence?  You exercise your pelvic floor by doing your Kegels!  What’s a Kegel?  A Kegel is a pelvic floor exercise developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel and designed to strengthen vaginal muscles.  Strong vaginal muscles not only alleviate incontinence, they also assist with the intensity of orgasms.

Plus, Kegels are super easy to do and only take a few minutes per day to perform.  Here’s how:


Basic Kegel

Squeeze your vaginal muscles.  Hold.  Now release.  You can do this while sitting or standing and no one will even know you are doing it!  Aim to do about 200 of these hold and release sets per day, but remember that you don’t have to do them all at once.  Spread them out throughout the day.  It will help even more if you vaginal muscles have something to hold onto when performing this “sexercise,” so we recommend Kegel Pods.


Sustained Kegel

Once you master the Basic Kegel we urge you to challenge yourself.  This time, squeeze your vaginal muscles and hold the contraction for a total of 10 seconds.  Release.  Repeat this set nine more times for a total of 10 sets.


PC Flutter

No…it’s not a new dance.  The PC Flutter is when you contract and release your vaginal muscles rapidly and lightly.  Give it a try, aiming for 10 seconds of this rapid, light flutter.  Stop.  Rest.  Try again.  Eventually, you want to be able to work your way up to sustaining a PC Flutter for a full minute.  Remember, practice makes perfect.


Elevator Kegel

The woman who can achieve this “sexercise” is the woman who can not only control her bladder, but can also control her orgasms.  Trust us on this one.  To achieve an Elevator Kegel, pretend that your vaginal walls are the walls of a building.  And within these walls is a mini elevator.  Raise this elevator from the floor level to the top of the building by tightening the muscles of your vagina at the bottom then moving upward.  When you reach the top, hold it.  Then slowly lower the elevator back down by releasing your vaginal muscles from top to bottom.


Passion Parties has products designed to help women strengthen their vaginal walls and perform Kegel “sexercises.”  You can find all of them at










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