Satisfaction (TV Review)

Showtime Australia…there’s a channel I’ve never watched.  And then there was Netflix.  A friend (fellow Passion Consultant, actually) recommended a series called Satisfaction on Netflix, and holy shit!!!  That’s a show you need to watch!  Drama, scandal, betrayal, hot women, humor, emotional intrigue, fabulous characters, interesting plot lines, and sex.  A lot of sex.  Hot sex.  All over the board sex.  

The show takes place in an upscale brothel in Melbourne, Australia.  As a viewer, you’ll get to know the characters very quickly.  The pilot episode introduces main characters in a way that makes audiences believe they’ve been around forever.  Fortunately, the writers and directors didn’t put all of their talent into the pilot, and extended it throughout the entire series.  It’s a shame that the series only lasted three seasons, because I would have loved to see another season or two, but I’ll forgive the brevity due to the excellence in writing, directing, and acting.  

Yes, the acting is incredible!  It’s not often in a television series that every single character is believable as an actual human being, but in Satisfaction, not only are all of the sex workers tangible, but so are their clients.  What a breath of fresh air this show is for bit parts!  So often, guest appearances seem overworked or underworked, yet in this series, those appearances are oh so real. 

Originally, I planned to post a review of each season, but truth be told, I got to the end of the first season and debated for approximately 2.5 seconds on whether to write a review of season 1 or watch the first episode of season 2, and watching won out!  

And, I’ll share a secret with you…I don’t own a television.  No, seriously.  When I tell people that I don’t watch TV, I often get a response of something like, “Oh, I don’t watch much, either.  Just this show and that show and show #3 that I record on DVR and watch on the weekends.”  But, seriously, I don’t watch TV.  Ever.  At all.  I don’t own one.  I had one, didn’t watch it, so in my last move, I got rid of it.  I do have Netflix, though, which I watch on occasion, and with Satisfaction, the occasion became a regular occurrence.  

If you’re looking for a show series to watch with human characters, excellent writing, brilliant directing, incredible acting, interesting twists, murder, lust, greed, and all the rest, with super hot sex thrown on top of it all, this is the one for you!  

Keep in mind that it’s only three seasons, so you may finish it in just a couple of weeks and be yearning for more.  I suppose that’s only natural, though.  I mean, for a high class brothel, isn’t that what they want…their clients yearning for more?

Find it on Netflix.  Enjoy!  😉


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