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Sexy Taurus

Sexy Taurus – Libido Boosting Aphrodisiacs – Libido Boosting Aphrodisiacs.

Sensual Zodiac – Taurus



Happy birthday, Taurus!  You are among the most likely to cuddle after sex.  Sensual Taurus lovers are the most touchy-feely people in the Sensual Zodiac.


Here’s a shocking secret about you…

Your skin is your sexual spark plug.  All it takes is one touch, one kiss or timely stroke from the right hands to set you ablaze.  You crave touch, affection and tenderness almost as much as others crave food.  In fact, you can practically live off a bear hug for a year; and when it comes to romance, it’s all about physical contact and connection for you.


Passionate, Sentimental and Affectionate

You laugh as you live, openly and freely.  Your feelings are your traveling companion.  You can play any role you choose: run a business, paint a masterpiece, prepare amazing cuisine, tend to your garden or nurture your children.  You have an uncalculated spontaneity and childlike wonder that makes life with you an exciting feast for the senses.


As a lover, you are pure sensuality.

People rotate around you like the planets orbit the sun.  In soft light, you are achingly beautiful.  In vivid colors, you sparkle like a jewel.


How to seduce you?

Touch is a must.  Sexually, you are turned on by unabashed affection.  You like your appetites aroused slowly.  But once your desire rises, it can rage all night — like a wild storm.  You like to be caressed with strong passionate strokes and have endless hot kisses sprinkled across your skin like warm rain drops.  Your lover should treat you with the utmost delicacy and not be afraid to feast on you like a rich dessert.

Inside, you know you are unique.  So you may want to challenge yourself to resist the urge to fit in.  All the curtains and doors in your life are all of your own making.  Feel free to open them up and let loose.  Go ahead and add even more color to your life, infuse more richness, more texture and vibrancy — because you are born to stand out!


Best Passion Parties product for you:

Tasty Temptation Massage Candle (Strawberry, Cherry, or Vanilla)  Light it.  Pour it.  Massage it.  Lick it.  This soy-based flavored candle creates a romantic glow, fills your love den with a scintillating fragrance, soothes and moisturizes your skin as it is massaged in, and tastes sweet.

Here’s what you do:

Light Tasty Temptation Massage Candle and undress while you allow the soy candle to melt into a warm-to-touch massage oil.  Lay on your stomach and allow your lover to pour the flavored oil onto your back, giving you a sensual massage.  When you feel ready, invite your partner to run his or her tongue all along your skin and devour you like a delicious pastry.








Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.

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