5 Sexy Spring Date Ideas



Ahhh, spring.  It’s a great season.  Don’t you think?  Flowers are blooming; the sun is shining, and love is in the air.

There’s a reason why spring is associated with love – spring is all about celebrating renewal.  Think about it: After months of hibernating foliage and animals, spring offers new life, colors, smells and sounds, the sun and less clothing, which makes it the perfect time to ditch the indoors and engage in some seasonal activities with your lover.  So, to take advantage of all the season has to offer, here are five spring date ideas to have a fresh and sexy season.


Enjoy nature.

Spring is the best season to be outdoors.  It brings a perfect balance of balminess and breeze.  Take advantage of that and spend some time under the sun with your partner.  Research different hikes or trails in your neighborhood.  Put together a basket of your favorite foods; grab a blanket and head to your local park.  Enjoy your lunch and then go swing together, play tag or simply sit and enjoy the beautiful weather and time to relax with one another.  You could also consider starting a garden with your love.  You’ll get a little dirty, and when all is said and done, you can watch your seeds – and your relationship – grow as the year progresses.


Celebrate love.

As the season of love, spring is also wedding season – and likely, you’ve been invited to a few.  Get dressed up and go witness love at its best.  Celebrating another couple’s relationship may just inspire you to celebrate yours.  And if you don’t have any weddings to attend this season, take in the beauty that encompasses your community.  Buzzing bees, blooming flowers, chirping birds, new love, young love, mature love – it’s all there.  Enjoy it, and let yours be a part of it this season.


Get sporty.

The weather has finally turned.  It’s no longer freezing, but it’s not blistering hot out, either.  Go for a run and get sweaty with your partner.  It might not seem sexy, but engaging in physical activity and getting a little sticky can actually be a huge turn on.  Plus, it gives you a reason to get clean together.  But if participating in sports isn’t really your thing, how about watching others participate?  Going to a baseball game or any other sporting event, eating hot dogs and drinking beer can be a lot of fun.  And watching a game can really bring people closer.  It promotes camaraderie.  You’ll get excited together, get bummed together, celebrate or possibly mourn together.  These are all great emotions to share with your partner, so go cheer for the home team!


Enjoy local offerings.

Many communities offer jazz in the park, wine walks, traveling carnivals and/or art fairs when spring arrives.  Find out what’s going on in your community and take part in it.  Not only are most of the events free, or minimal in cost, but it may reveal an unknown common interest you and your partner share.


Grill up some grub.

Cooking with your partner can be fun during any season, but nothing beats pulling out the grill and indulging in some homemade barbecue.  Vegetables, fruits, meats – one of the greatest things about grilling is that it meets nearly all dietary requirements without sacrificing taste.  Additionally, it’s fun, easy for the novice chef and can even be a learning experience.  What spices and flavors does your partner crave?  How does s/he like her meat?  (Or mushrooms/soy substitutes/whatever is appropriate for the vegetarians and vegans reading?)  These are small things, but only add to the connectedness between you and your partner.


Spring is a great time of year.  Take advantage of this lovely season and go renew your love for one another and your love of the outdoors.  Have other favorite spring date ideas?  Please share them below!






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