Relationship Advice

From David Tillman:


Today I had a friend ask me for some relationship advice, this is what I gave him. Maybe there is someone else who needs to hear this? 

There are only three things you need to know about a woman. 

#1. You have to know the truth of a woman. 

And this is that truth…,,

Every man she has ever loved in her life has hurt her! They have abused her verbally, physically, mentally, or emotionally! Or all the above. Because if any of them had treated her right, then she wouldn’t be available for you! It’s not her fault she doesn’t trust you! She can’t! At least not yet! 

I know that’s hard to understand so I made him read a posting that I keep on my phone. 
This is what it says….

If you tell her she’s beautiful, on the outside she’s going to smile, probably even blush, and tell you thanks. But on the inside? She’s going to think…. “How”? She’s going to come up with a thousand reasons why she’s not. She’s going to try to convince herself that your lying, or just being nice. And eventually she will succeed. She’s going to continue to believe she’s not beautiful. But if you stay, and keep telling her, then maybe, eventually, she might just start believing! 

And that means so much more than what it says…. but it’s so true! At this point, most women have forgotten how to fall in Love. Remember when you were 16 and in Love! That’s Love! Deep down you might know its not gonna last, but no one in the world could convince you that it’s not gonna last forever! Remember how awesome that was? That’s all she wants! That’s all she needs! She wants to give her whole self to someone! Someone she just craves like an addiction! So how do you get her to feel that way about you? Well that’s number two!

#2. Make her feel wanted! 

All she wants from you is….. YOU! She wants you to want her! Only her! Never stop doing the things that made her fall in Love with you! Most people get lazy or content in a relationship! So they stop doing the little things. But it’s those little things that build Love! A smile from across the room just because you caught a glimpse of her. Stare at her like you used to, and when she says “what”, tell her how beautiful she is! I mean you tried so hard to get her… So Try even harder to keep her! It only takes five seconds to say thanks, or I Love you Babe! And you know what? Sometimes saying nothing means so much more than you could ever say! Make her feel it! Stop her mid sentence with a kiss! A real kiss! Or brush the hair from her eyes as you stare into them! Hold her hand just because you want to! And never ever forget, the more you give, the more you get back! 

I’ve Loved, and I’ve lost Love! And it makes me so sad to see people fall out of Love! I see so many relationships fail because people are scared! Scared of failure! They’re afraid of letting themselves be judged by someone else! So when they start dating someone, it’s all fake! They pretend to be someone they’re not, just to impress! But then they wander why it didn’t last, or what they’ve done wrong! I hear people say all the time, “well you’ve just changed”. No! You just stopped pretending! And your not that person you made them fall in Love with! You never were! So I’ll say that number three is probably the most important one of all…..

#3. Be who you really are!

Never pretend! And know this…. You can never really Love someone, if you can’t Love yourself! You have to Love the heart your trying to give, If you want them to Love “all of you”, then you have to give them “all of you” to Love!


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