What To Do When His Penis is Too Small

I recently posted on what to do when his penis is too BIG for your vagina, and got a comment asking me to post on what to do when it’s too SMALL, so I did a bit of research.


Kegels – Do these.  A lot.  Not only will this strengthen your pelvic floor, preventing things like incontinence and uterine and bladder prolapse, it will also tighten your vaginal walls, essentially making you a little smaller.  Using a product like Kegel Balls, Pleasure Pearls or Ben Wa balls will help to make your Kegels more effective.  I’ve got a couple of posts on Kegels and the various products available on my website, but here are a few pics, so you know what to look for.  (Watch my Ben Wa Balls video to learn how they work.)  You can also do your Kegels DURING SEX.  Contracting around him will be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Kegel Products




Temporary Tightness – There are products that exist to plump up the vaginal wall, engorge the G-Spot, and increase blood flow to the genitals.  Tighten Up is a temporary vaginal tightener containing alum, which puffs up the area, making you feel kinda like a virgin again.  Since it makes you feel smaller, it will make him feel larger to you.  G-Spot Creme plumps up the G-spot, making it easier to hit and more sensitive.  Pure Satisfaction increases blood flow to the clitoral area, giving you the benefits of easier arousal and amplified orgasms.  (Check out my videos for G-Spot Creme and Pure Satisfaction for more detailed info.)





Adding Girth – Though there is no real way to increase penis size without surgical intervention, there are products designed to slide onto a penis that can make you feel more full.  A penis sleeve, like the Hot Rod Enhancer or Tickling Trio (not to be confused with a masturbation sleeve), will increase the girth of any object – penis, dildo, or vibrator.  Lining up a set of rings, such as Magic Rings or Rocket Rings, will have a similar effect, while giving you the option of “speed bumps” to add an additional sensation along the way.  These will also squeeze the penis, maintaining the blood inside, which will help the erection last longer.






Vibration Station – While couples’ rings (also called cock rings) are often intended to prolong erection, vibrating options also give you the added benefit of turning his penis into an instant vibrator, giving you vibrating sensations internally, AND adding fabulous clitoral stimulation!  The Progressor (video here) used to be my top selling vibrating couples’ ring, though it doesn’t constrict, so there’s no maintaining the erection with this one.  And then came the Lelo Tor 2 (video coming soon), which just blew the Progressor – and all others – out of the water!

The #1 selling couples’ toy on the market is the We-Vibe, designed to be worn by YOU during intercourse, so you get both G-spot stimulation AND clitoral stimulation AND penetration!  The first toy of its kind, the We-Vibe completely changed the world of sex toys, and with an awesome charging dock and remote control, the We-Vibe 3 is the best of the best!  (Not sure how you can wear a toy internally during sex?  Watch my video on it here.)




Position Experimentation – Any position in which your pelvis is tilted will narrow your vaginal canal, making it feel as though he is filling you more than other positions.  So, if you’re into missionary, put a pillow under your pelvis.  The Liberator Jaz Mini is designed specifically to elevate at the perfect angle, and the cover is removable for easy washing.  Raise your legs up and drape them over his shoulders for an even greater narrowing effect.  For doggie style, arch your back so that your chest is lower.  Want more positions?  Check out Dr. Sadie Allison’s book Ride ‘Em Cowgirl – funny and informative, her writing style is easy to read (even for those who don’t like to read) and it’s fully illustrated with tasteful images designed to explain better than words alone.





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