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What SEXY-CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE Women NEED and DON’T WANT from MEN | Kelly Marceau

What SEXY-CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE Women NEED and DON’T WANT from MEN | Kelly Marceau.


What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

Words from a pastor.



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To The Women Who Choose Not To Have Kids

I’m one of the women who has chosen not to have children. Though I love children and adore the time I spend with the children in my life, I find nothing wrong with not having them myself, and have debated this topic many times. So, Abby, thanks for the gratitude. For the other childless-by-choice people out there, thanks for staying true to yourself. ❤

Thought Catalog

To the women who choose not to have kids, I have one thing to say: thank you.

You probably don’t hear it enough. In fact, you probably don’t hear it at all. What you do hear is an array of pro-childbearing responses, such as, “You’ll change your mind someday,” or, “Doesn’t your mother want grandkids?” or, “You’ll never find a husband if you never want to have kids.”

All things considered, “thank you” is probably on the opposite end of what you hear.

But seriously: thank you. Thank you for recognizing that childrearing isn’t for you and being true to who you are. It doesn’t mean you hate kids. It just means that raising one is not part of your path in life.

Thank you for not succumbing to the societal pressures. I’ve known far too many parents who had kids because that’s what was expected of them. Working in…

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Book a Passion Party with Your Passion Consultant NOW – YouTube

Book a Passion Party with Your Passion Consultant NOW – YouTube.

Bring some Passion into your bank account!

Bring some Passion into your bank account!

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