Reflecting on a Leadership Retreat

Just another day at the office.  ;-)

Just another day at the office. 😉

I fully realize that in nearly all of my social media posts regarding my business, I’m gushing over how much I love it, how amazing it is, and how much it has changed my life.  So, why stop a good trend?  😉

I’ve spent this week at an Executive Director Retreat with five other top leaders in Passion Parties learning, planning, exploring, and growing.  We do this at the beginning of every year, and each time, I come away from it feeling as though – together – we can take over the world.  There’s a lot of personal growth that happens in this business, which is one of the most rewarding and most unexpected aspects, and I am so grateful that my personal growth within my Passion Journey includes these women.  All of us fall under the leadership of the same Million Dollar Club member, so while we lead our individual teams separately, we collaborate in leadership.  The support we receive from one another is so immense that I truly cannot put it into words.  We are more than mere colleagues.  We are friends.

It’s amazing to me, the extent to which my life has changed in the last four years, and the person I’ve become because of my business.  There are so many personal, psychological, and emotional connections between life, self-worth, self-esteem, and business that I absolutely believe joining Passion Parties and surrounding myself with positive, successful influences has done more good for my personal wellbeing than any amount of therapy could.  (Yes, I have seen therapists at various points in my life.  I firmly believe EVERYONE needs a therapist!  Life can be hard!  You can’t get through it alone!  And sometimes the world looks entirely different from actual reality when you’re seeing it from inside your own head.)  We all have personal shit that we have to overcome, and getting past that big, stinking pile of poo is crucial to sustainable success in this business.  After all, you ARE your business, and if you don’t have faith in yourself, that means you don’t have faith in your business, so it won’t be successful.  But, when you can dig deep within yourself, face your demons and tell them to fuck off, you can kick some serious ass in this business and help a ton of other people do the same!

I’m extremely grateful to have experienced such success in my business in just four short years, and bursting with excited curiosity to see how far it grows in 2014, and I absolutely could not have done it without the love, support, brilliance, and generosity of the five women I have grown with this week.  Together, we are stronger than the six of us could be without such collaboration, and we’re leading others into the same strength.  That’s why I stay with this business.  I started for some extra money (and, let me tell you, the money is WAY better than I thought possible four years ago!), and yes, this is my real job, so the incredible income is a big part of why I’m here, but even without that, I could never leave this business because of the positive, life-changing connections we have with our colleagues.  In this industry, when you stop growing, your business stops growing.  With each new success, you become a better Passion Consultant, a better leader, and a better person.  Our team is growing, which means we are growing.  We see to it that our growth never stops, which is a REALLY good sign for our businesses!

Upon reflection of this week, I’m pretty sure we’re taking over the world.  😉


Heart Passion Sisters



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We’ve been taught for so long that our bodies are sinful. “Down there” is dirty. Sexual conversation is whispered, if discussed at all. Questions go unanswered. Negative perceptions remain uncorrected. Misconceptions run wild in the minds of women, men couples in our culture. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help shed the lies you’ve heard and grown to believe about your body, your sensuality, your sexuality, and intimacy within two of your most precious relationships: that with your partner, and perhaps more importantly, that with yourself. “We?” That’s right! I lead an international team of Passion Consultants called The Orgasm Factory. We are a movement of women, joining forces to help enhance the intimacy in those precious relationships all across the US and Canada. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself these questions: What would you do with an extra $1,000 a month? What if you could earn that extra $1,000 each month working an average of just one evening each week? What if that work consisted of having a blast, partying with other women, and helping to enhance their intimacy? What if, within your network of co-workers, you felt supported, encouraged, and were recognized for your accomplishments? What if you partnered with a company that rewarded you with BONUS CASH, luxury vacations, a company-paid car, and a ton of other prizes? What if your part-time job (or new career) consisted of making new friends and helping them to reach their goals and make their dreams come true? That’s what I do! That’s what I help my team to do! And you can join our team! I’ll personally train you, you’ll get training and support from our team, and you’ll have access to the incredible training opportunities Passion Parties Corporate provides for us! (I’ve had two training sessions with Dr. Drew! Corporate offers us the absolute BEST training imaginable!) So, CALL ME! (No. Seriously. Call me. You DEFINITELY want in on this.) I’ll help you get started, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I’ll have faith in you until you have faith in yourself. If you’re not sure, that’s ok. We can talk about it. I’ll answer all of your questions and give you all the information you want. If, after that, you’re still not sure, book a party and get all of the fabulous Hostess Rewards we offer, just for getting a few friends together and letting me or one of my team members show you what we’re all about! You’ll not only receive the benefits of being one of our hostesses, you’ll also have the opportunity to look at the business from inside the party. Then, we’ll talk again and see if it’s a good fit! Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t necessarily teach us everything we need to know about sex, and we certainly didn’t learn enough in school. When you host your own Passion Party, one of my team members or I will teach you and your friends how to discover the joy of enhancing the intimacy in those precious relationships! We’ll show you some of our absolute best products, from the mild to the wild, and help you find exactly what you need the most. All consultations are confidential, to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Your secrets will remain your secrets. You’ll laugh! You’ll learn! You’ll have a one-of-a-kind shopportunity to bring Passion to life! View all posts by kelijackson

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