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50 Shades Trailer in Two Weeks



Who’s excited for the 50 Shades trailer???  TWO WEEKS!!!  😀

The Orgasm Deficit

The Orgasm Deficit.


Why are SO MANY women not having orgasms?

I’ve Missed You!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. I’ve been avidly working on building up my YouTube channel and my leadership team’s YouTube channel, and of course I’m a Pinteresting fool, so my social media attention has been diverted elsewhere for a bit.

Here’s what’s been going on in the Passionate life of Keli: Awesome FREE trip to Jamaica, thanks to Passion Parties. Awesome calendar full of successful parties. Awesome team growth. Awesome corporate training weekend just a few minutes from home. And in general, just being awesome.

I promise to be more available here on the ol’ bloggosphere with my goal being to post something new and fabulous for you at least once a week.

Cheers! ❤

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