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Confessions of a Dildo Saleswoman: Empowerment vs Slavery

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People often ask why I do what I do, and there are a lot of reasons. I mean, a LOT. Complete control over my own time and income = amazing. The friendships I’ve developed with my fellow Passion Consultants and leaders, my hostesses, and my clients could have never come about without my Passion Parties business. The income is fantastic. The perks are pretty great, too. I mean, designer handbags, electronics, jewelry, luxury vacations…I’ve earned it all, and will continue to do so. The stories and thank yous I’ve received from my hostesses and clients are innumerable – relationships saved, marriages strengthened, pleasure discovered. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty damn good at it! And it’s a ton of fun! I talk about these reasons freely and frequently. But one of the things I don’t talk about is my core desire to genuinely make the world a better place.

At first glance, it may not seem like a Passion Party can save the world, superhero style, but hear me out. Our culture’s world’s view of sexuality is fucked up! From puritanical abstinence-only education in our schools (that nobody really believes works) to a general lack of realistic information and lack of communication, we don’t know much about sex. Ok, yeah, this goes here and that goes there works to a certain degree, but I’ve found a general lack of exploration amongst my clientele. And it’s not like there’s a ton of academic research that has gone into sexuality. Yet, we have a simultaneous barrage of sex thrown at us from all directions via the media…all media – television, film, literature, internet ads, billboards. It’s never ending. That gives us a super bizarre concept of sex, sexuality, gender, and how it all works. My theory is that this, in turn leads to sex being used as power, both in personal intimate relationships and in commerce.

If I, as a Passion Consultant, can help a few women (and occasionally men) at a time to discover within themselves how their own personal sexuality works, and empower them within that to explore with themselves and their partners, then perhaps I can also help to open up communication with regard to sexuality for them. Not only within those intimate relationships, but in their lives. If we, as a field force of Passion Consultants can do this multiple times a day, every single day, then perhaps eventually, we can help to tip the scale in favor of a more sex positive society world. THAT is huge. That could significantly diminish the scale of domestic violence, sexual violence, and potentially even sex trafficking. One of my greatest fears is that someone I love will be sold into sex slavery, and I’m certainly not someone who ever says “It could never happen to me,” because I know ANYTHING is possible.

Hanging out and having fun with a handful of women a couple of times a week, as well as training and coaching my team to do the same, so that those exploration and communication levels can be elevated on a regular basis…that may not seem like a lot, but that can change the world. And if I can help change the world, I must. That’s the real, nitty gritty reason why I do what I do. Saving the world, one Passion Party at a time.

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