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Passion Favorites – Summer Ultra Sets

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Glow with pleasure this summer with one of Passion Parties’ Summer Ultra Sets.


Vibe Ultra Collection

The Vibe Ultra Collection features Vibe Ultra, Tickling Trio (which can be slipped onto Vibe Ultra for extra texture and sensations) and LUX creamy lubricant, which is a velvety water-based lubricant completely safe to use with the silicone Vibe Ultra.

Vibe Ultra is a large, bullet style vibrator that offers three speeds of sensation at the push of a single button. It’s easy, effective, and allows you to pinpoint your exact pleasure points. You can’t get any better than that.


Bunny Ultra Collection

The Bunny Ultra Collection features the Bunny Ultra, Pure Satisfaction Unisex Sexual Enhancement Gel, and Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a dual-action vibrator. Providing both intense clitoral and vaginal stimulation, Bunny Ultra is sensually hypnotic, especially when used with Pure Satisfaction! The velvet touch finish feels great against the body, and the ultra-femme design is unintimidating. Bunny Ultra features three shaft speeds and seven rabbit functions, so you’ll never be bored.





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August is Romance Awareness Month!


In many areas, August is one of the hottest, most humid times of the year. That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying Passion with the one you love! Get creative! Read on for some amorous ideas that are perfect in record-breaking heat.

Ultra Glide on the Slip n’ Slide

Double up on the fun with two favorites by the same name. Ultra Glide Liquid and Ultra Glide Gel are perfect for water foreplay. Rub on a bit of either (or mix them together!), and then play with your lover on the Slip n’ Slide! (Yes, the one you slid down as a kid.) Fool around…slipping and sliding. (Beware of knee burns and nosy neighbors.)

Sensory Ice Massage

Freeze your Kegel Balls or Pleasure Pearls. Then, roll them around your partner’s back for an incredibly refreshing and pleasurable massage. For a solo experience, refrigerate your favorite Kegel exercisers for an invigorating PC muscle workout.

Summer Peep Show

For the ultimate cool down (and hot tease), give your lover a summer blockbuster s/he will never forget – a wet t-shirt striptease! The big finale? You…au natural! But first, make your partner’s wildest fantasy come true by showing off your moves in a Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking. Peek-a-boo!

Frisky Fridge Foreplay

Refrigerate a few of your favorite flavored treats like Peppermint Tasty Tease, Strawberry Cremesicle, and Cotton Candy CandyLicious. Then later, invite your lover to fool around in front of the open fridge. Take out the treats, and incorporate a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup, if you’d like. (Just don’t spill them on your genital areas…that’s a yeast infection waiting to happen!) Finger paint your partner before licking it all off!

Clean is Sexy

This is ideal before or after sex. Dim the lights and turn on soft, romantic music. Run the shower, setting it from cool to lukewarm. Step inside. Let the water run down your bodies. Share a long, passionate kiss. Lather up with Mangosteen Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme, and massage one another from head to toe.

Sexy Sheets

Spray your freshly clean sheets with Pomegranate Silky Sheets. Next, remove all clothing and grab your Dirty Dice. Jump in bed and follow the instructions on the dice.

Bet you didn’t know that…

Couples who are more intimate tend to produce lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So, kick back, relax, and have an amazing romance this August. Your body, and your lover, will thank you!

© 2014 Passion Parties, Inc.  Reproduction and distribution by Passion Consultants™ is permissible for informational purposes only.  —  Excerpted and amended.

FREE SHIPPING April 16 & 17 at – YouTube

FREE SHIPPING April 16 & 17 at – YouTube.

Passion Favorites – RomantaTherapy

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Exclusive to Passion Parties, the RomantaTherapy product line, which includes bath and body products as well as lubricants and sexual enhancers, was developed to encourage closeness and prepare couples for complete intimacy.

After all, it’s no secret that many women require more than a wink and a smile to get physically and emotionally aroused. By using our RomantaTherapy products, couples can sensitize and tantalize all the erogenous zones to enhance foreplay and initiate lovemaking.

With a collection of home spa essentials available in two romantic fragrances – tropical Coconut Lemongrass and sweetly scented Pomegranate Ginger – it’s easy to awaken desire for a date with your mate. All RomantaTherapy bath and body products are created to nourish, nurture and pamper, and they make excellent gifts!

RomantaThreapy’s enhancers and lubricants intensify foreplay and lovemaking. The unisex enhancement gel Pure Satisfastion has received a multitude of praise from our clients, Cosmo, and a variety of other media outlets such as the daytime talk show The Doctors. In fact, many of our consultants attended a training session with Dr. Lisa Masterson of The Doctors this year at our annual Passion Convention, where she again sang praises of Pure Satisfaction, noting that it is simply “the best” on the market! And Pure Satisfaction continues to be Passion Parties’ number one selling product for good reason: Once applied, it activates sexual sensitivity in the genital area, helping everything get wetter and feel better.

Check out our full line of RomantaTherapy products at and explore the possibilities of what these luxurious products can do to enhance your sensual relationships! And…rumor has it that a new fragrance will be released this summer! Shhh…  😉





© 2014 Passion Parties, Inc.  Reproduction and distribution by Passion Consultants™ is permissible for informational purposes only.  —  Excerpted and amended. 

Lubricant Comparison Chart

Lubricant Comparison Chart

Not listed here is our new LUX Cream Lubricant. Lux behaves like a silicone in that it’s super silky and long lasting, but it’s water-based, so it’s safe for all toys. It’s been my top selling lube since it came out September 1st of last year, and has gotten rave reviews from my clients and hostesses.

Lelo Tor 2 – – YouTube

Lelo Tor 2 – – YouTube.

Audrey – – YouTube

Audrey – – YouTube.

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