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August is Romance Awareness Month!


In many areas, August is one of the hottest, most humid times of the year. That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying Passion with the one you love! Get creative! Read on for some amorous ideas that are perfect in record-breaking heat.

Ultra Glide on the Slip n’ Slide

Double up on the fun with two favorites by the same name. Ultra Glide Liquid and Ultra Glide Gel are perfect for water foreplay. Rub on a bit of either (or mix them together!), and then play with your lover on the Slip n’ Slide! (Yes, the one you slid down as a kid.) Fool around…slipping and sliding. (Beware of knee burns and nosy neighbors.)

Sensory Ice Massage

Freeze your Kegel Balls or Pleasure Pearls. Then, roll them around your partner’s back for an incredibly refreshing and pleasurable massage. For a solo experience, refrigerate your favorite Kegel exercisers for an invigorating PC muscle workout.

Summer Peep Show

For the ultimate cool down (and hot tease), give your lover a summer blockbuster s/he will never forget – a wet t-shirt striptease! The big finale? You…au natural! But first, make your partner’s wildest fantasy come true by showing off your moves in a Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking. Peek-a-boo!

Frisky Fridge Foreplay

Refrigerate a few of your favorite flavored treats like Peppermint Tasty Tease, Strawberry Cremesicle, and Cotton Candy CandyLicious. Then later, invite your lover to fool around in front of the open fridge. Take out the treats, and incorporate a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup, if you’d like. (Just don’t spill them on your genital areas…that’s a yeast infection waiting to happen!) Finger paint your partner before licking it all off!

Clean is Sexy

This is ideal before or after sex. Dim the lights and turn on soft, romantic music. Run the shower, setting it from cool to lukewarm. Step inside. Let the water run down your bodies. Share a long, passionate kiss. Lather up with Mangosteen Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme, and massage one another from head to toe.

Sexy Sheets

Spray your freshly clean sheets with Pomegranate Silky Sheets. Next, remove all clothing and grab your Dirty Dice. Jump in bed and follow the instructions on the dice.

Bet you didn’t know that…

Couples who are more intimate tend to produce lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. So, kick back, relax, and have an amazing romance this August. Your body, and your lover, will thank you!

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Watching Adult Movies with Your Lover

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Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where a couple is in their hotel room trying to get sleep when all of the sudden sounds of passionate lovemaking come from behind the wall? This then turns on the previously-tired couple and they say something like, “I think we can do better than that!” or “Let’s give them a run for their money” or something equally cheesy.

We’ve all seen it – and possibly experienced it – and that’s because for many people, there’s just something about hearing, fantasizing or watching strangers in the throes of passion that gets our engines revved up. And the easiest and safest way to satisfy that desire within the confines of a monogamous relationship is with adult videos.

Conventional wisdom tells us that watching this kind of material can ruin relationships, but given the right circumstances, watching adult movies with your lover can actually increase passion, arousal and improve your sex life in general.

So if you’ve ever been interested in watching erotica with your lover, here are a few tips in setting the right environment and having a positive and passionate experience:

Know the levels of erotica.  Adult content really does come in all different levels of explicitness. Some only mimic the act of lovemaking while others leave nothing to the imagination. Both can be very scintillating; it’s finding what’s right for your level of comfort and your relationship that is key.

If you’re not sure you’ll enjoy watching adult movies with your partner but you’re curious, start with something light and mainstream, like a steamy R-rated movie. Watch “9 1/2 Weeks” or “The Notebook” and take note of your libido during the sex scenes while your partner is sitting and watching next to you. Try to determine what your lover’s reaction is to those scenes. Is his/her heart beating faster, breath shorter; is your partner shuffling around or twitching a bit? If you enjoy this experience and think your lover might too, discuss taking your viewing experience to the next level, like the “after dark” type of movies shown on premium channels.

Find something you both will like. This should not be about pleasing one person above another. This should be about exciting and stimulating both of you. Both of your turn ons, turn offs, desires, views, etc. should be considered and taken into account when deciding on what to watch. People have different interests, fantasies, turn ons, and there is adult content that caters to it all. So spend a little time discussing and finding something you and your playmate would like to watch.

Learn from the experience. Watching adult movies doesn’t just have to be about enticing your sexual senses. You may find that you actually learn something from it. Indulging in erotica may expose you to turn ons and fantasies you didn’t know you and/or your lover had.

Communicate. If you are interested in watching adult content with your significant other but are also concerned about the impact it might have on your relationship, talk about it. If you think you might get jealous, tell your partner to ask for more awareness of your needs for reassurance. The best partners are the ones that aim to please, and if you are open with your lover and able to communicate what you need – both physically and emotionally – your other half is going to be able to please you a whole heck of a lot better than if you just expected it.

Adult movies are just a sensual tool. Having concern about jealousy or the impact on your relationship is perfectly normal, but remember that the goal of watching erotica is to excite you and your significant other and build intimacy. Think of adult movies like you would a sex toy. A sex toy is purely a physical tool to get you more aroused and to have better sex. Adult videos are purely a visual tool to get you more aroused and to have better sex. Just as you are not going to leave your lover for a sex toy, your lover is not going to leave you for erotica. And just as you don’t expect your partner’s genitals to vibrate, your partner does not expect you to be able to get in the pretzel and have sex.

Bottom line: Have fun! I cannot stress enough that sex should be fun. If it’s not, stop doing what you’re doing and try something else. Watching adult movies with your lover can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be a regular thing – just something to keep in your bag of tricks and spice things up at the right time.




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5 Steps to a Passionate Night

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Any relationship expert will tell you that it’s important to keep the fire burning in your relationship.  Variety, new experiences and attention can strengthen the bond between lovers.  Direct from Passion Parties experts, here are 5 Steps to a Passionate Night.


  • Build anticipation.  A little teasing can get the day started just right…  Wake your partner with sweet, gentle kisses and a little touch, but don’t get carried away.  (Reserve your ecstasy engines for the evening’s events.)  Just provide a little preview of things to come.  Later in the day, send your lover a steamy sext message or email – making sure the message is sent to a secure and private channel, not anywhere that a coworker or boss could see it.


  • Get in the mood.  After a long, stressful day, the last thing most of us feel like doing is ripping off our clothes and getting physical.  But after a relaxing shower with creamy, fragrant body cleanser, your confidence will soar and your mood will soften.  My top recommendation: Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme in Coconut Lemongrass.  (It smells like vacation!  Who doesn’t love vacation?!)


  • Pamper each other.  What better way to end the day and begin a night of passion than with a simple, but loving, massage?  For warmth and flavor combined, try a natural, soy-based candle infused with flavor.  The Tasty Temptation Massage Candle is amazing, and a little goes a long way!  It’s available in three flavors, but vanilla is the most popular.  (It kinda tastes like frosting!)


  • Now, get creative.  Blindfold each other.  Bind each other.  Tickle, or even paddle.  Try something new and get playful.  If you haven’t added some of our Fun & Fantasy items to your collection yet, now is the time to do so!


  • Be passionate.  After you’ve pampered and played, embrace the warmth, intimacy and tenderness of each other’s love.




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What To Do When His Penis is Too Small

I recently posted on what to do when his penis is too BIG for your vagina, and got a comment asking me to post on what to do when it’s too SMALL, so I did a bit of research.


Kegels – Do these.  A lot.  Not only will this strengthen your pelvic floor, preventing things like incontinence and uterine and bladder prolapse, it will also tighten your vaginal walls, essentially making you a little smaller.  Using a product like Kegel Balls, Pleasure Pearls or Ben Wa balls will help to make your Kegels more effective.  I’ve got a couple of posts on Kegels and the various products available on my website, but here are a few pics, so you know what to look for.  (Watch my Ben Wa Balls video to learn how they work.)  You can also do your Kegels DURING SEX.  Contracting around him will be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Kegel Products




Temporary Tightness – There are products that exist to plump up the vaginal wall, engorge the G-Spot, and increase blood flow to the genitals.  Tighten Up is a temporary vaginal tightener containing alum, which puffs up the area, making you feel kinda like a virgin again.  Since it makes you feel smaller, it will make him feel larger to you.  G-Spot Creme plumps up the G-spot, making it easier to hit and more sensitive.  Pure Satisfaction increases blood flow to the clitoral area, giving you the benefits of easier arousal and amplified orgasms.  (Check out my videos for G-Spot Creme and Pure Satisfaction for more detailed info.)





Adding Girth – Though there is no real way to increase penis size without surgical intervention, there are products designed to slide onto a penis that can make you feel more full.  A penis sleeve, like the Hot Rod Enhancer or Tickling Trio (not to be confused with a masturbation sleeve), will increase the girth of any object – penis, dildo, or vibrator.  Lining up a set of rings, such as Magic Rings or Rocket Rings, will have a similar effect, while giving you the option of “speed bumps” to add an additional sensation along the way.  These will also squeeze the penis, maintaining the blood inside, which will help the erection last longer.






Vibration Station – While couples’ rings (also called cock rings) are often intended to prolong erection, vibrating options also give you the added benefit of turning his penis into an instant vibrator, giving you vibrating sensations internally, AND adding fabulous clitoral stimulation!  The Progressor (video here) used to be my top selling vibrating couples’ ring, though it doesn’t constrict, so there’s no maintaining the erection with this one.  And then came the Lelo Tor 2 (video coming soon), which just blew the Progressor – and all others – out of the water!

The #1 selling couples’ toy on the market is the We-Vibe, designed to be worn by YOU during intercourse, so you get both G-spot stimulation AND clitoral stimulation AND penetration!  The first toy of its kind, the We-Vibe completely changed the world of sex toys, and with an awesome charging dock and remote control, the We-Vibe 3 is the best of the best!  (Not sure how you can wear a toy internally during sex?  Watch my video on it here.)




Position Experimentation – Any position in which your pelvis is tilted will narrow your vaginal canal, making it feel as though he is filling you more than other positions.  So, if you’re into missionary, put a pillow under your pelvis.  The Liberator Jaz Mini is designed specifically to elevate at the perfect angle, and the cover is removable for easy washing.  Raise your legs up and drape them over his shoulders for an even greater narrowing effect.  For doggie style, arch your back so that your chest is lower.  Want more positions?  Check out Dr. Sadie Allison’s book Ride ‘Em Cowgirl – funny and informative, her writing style is easy to read (even for those who don’t like to read) and it’s fully illustrated with tasteful images designed to explain better than words alone.




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What to Do When His Penis Is Too Big for You



So often we hear “bigger is better,” but what happens when bigger is too big?  Don’t laugh.  This is a serious problem.  Although you may not be coming in contact with overzealous penises often, the truth of the matter is, they are out there, and many women and men struggle with how to handle them.

It can be a really sensitive subject for both parties, but not taking certain precautions can result in pain, self-consciousness and even injury.  That’s right, injury.  If you and your partner are not careful and he penetrates you too deeply, injury can occur to the cervix at the end of the vaginal canal.  So what should you do if his penis is too big for you?  Read on for some expert tips.


Arouse:  Foreplay is an absolute must when preparing to have sex with a well-endowed man.  By getting aroused, your vagina secretes its own lubrication and swells.  It’s preparing itself for intercourse.  Give yourself the time you need to become fully aroused.  You might even want to have an orgasm through foreplay before having sex.  After an orgasm, your body will be far more relaxed and will be primed for deeper penetration.


Lubricate:  Even if you spend time getting aroused and feel your natural lubrication, add more.  The wetter, the better!  Everything should feel nice and smooth as he enters you.  If you feel any kind of stickiness or rubbing, add more lube.  Try Slip N Slide silicone lubricant for a silky smooth lubrication that will not absorb or dry out, or RomantaTherapy Revelation water-based lubricant, which can be reactivated with just a few drops of water (or saliva, if you’re not near a sink).  Both are great for long-lasting lubrication and let the focus be entirely on taking him in.


Experiment:  There are tons of ways to experiment, and you and your partner can definitely have some fun trying out these techniques.  First of all, the vagina is a stretchable canal – 8 and 10 pound babies come out of there, after all.  It can expand up to four times its normal size during arousal.  (Think of a tube sock.  Not all that sexy of an image, I know, but you get the idea.)  So, if you and/or your partner are frustrated that you cant take him all in, don’t get discouraged.  If desired, most women can stretch their vaginas.  It just takes some time, practice and…stretching.

You can practice and stretch alone and/or with your partner.  If you’d like to practice with your partner, spend some time getting properly aroused and lubricated.  Then, while lying on your back, allow him to slowly enter you until it’s no longer comfortable and/or desirable.  Then have him inch in a bit more.  Pause there and shift your hips from side to side.  Do the same thing, but this time while lying on your back, lift your legs up and rest them on his chest.  You can be penetrated quite deeply in this position, so make sure your partner takes it slow and stops when you tell him to.  Once he’s inched in as far as you can handle, move your legs from side to side.  Doing this, inching in a little deeper each time, will help you stretch out your vaginal canal and prepare for regular lovemaking.

If you’d prefer to practice alone, repeat the same steps as above just use a dildo with the approximate length and girth as your partner’s penis.  Get to know your current comfort zone and then push it little by little, day by day.

You can also experiment with positions.  According to Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! by Dr. Sadie Allison, if you and/or your partner like doggie-style, “flatten your arch till your hips are tucked down under (to keep him shallower.)  Slowly adjust your arch till you find the depth that feels best, or rotate it up and down throughout your lovemaking.”  Dr. Allison also recommends the Cover Girl position – he’s on the bottom, lying flat on his back, while you’re on the top, straddling him with your chest resting against his and your legs extended out, slightly bent and tightly wrapped around both of his – which allows you to control just how deep he can get inside you.  Additionally, she recommends spooning positions.  Your tush will provide a natural buffer for you, but will still feel nice on the part of his shaft that’s not inside.

Positions to avoid are those where your lower legs and feet are up at his shoulders or your knees are in his armpits.  Also keep in mind that when you arch your back, your lower chest or spread your legs, he can push deeper into you.  So, don’t do any of that until you’ve done some stretching.

Using toys is a great option as well.  Dr. Allison recommends sliding a penis buffer to the base of the penis during lovemaking.  Though designed as a masturbation sleeve, Gigi is excellent for this, because it can be cut to fit for length, and shortened as you can accommodate more of him.  Not only will this provide more pleasure for him, as we’ll feel like he’s completely penetrating you, but it will keep him from entering you too deeply.


Communicate:  Communication is key in any relationship, but when there is an issue that impacts both partners, the most effective way to solve that issue is by talking about it with your partner.  What techniques are you interested in experimenting with?  What techniques does he want to try?

When it comes to an issue where pain and injury can result, it’s especially important to communicate while experimenting.  Talk about the pressure.  Talk about speed.  The goal is for both partners to enjoy themselves and be sexually fulfilled by one another, so being connected in both mind and body will only enhance the experience.








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