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Want $200 for starting your Passion business?

Want $200 for starting your Passion business?

We’re a movement of women (and a few good men) on a mission to Bring Passion to Life and would LOVE for you to join us! Interested in starting your own Passion Journey? Want to know how you can get up to $200 from me just for getting your business started? Contact me for details! GrownUpSexEd@gmail.com


Bring some Passion into your bank account!

Bring some Passion into your bank account!

How does recognition, camaraderie, prizes, trips, FUN, Las Vegas Convention, free cruises, sex education, confidence, financial freedom and empowerment sound to you? How about more money for the holidays, or starting out 2014 being your own boss, making money by helping women, and doing something fun on your own time?

I’m looking for 5 amazing women to join my team this month, and I can help you discover all of those things! Rumor has it we will be having a sign up special TOMORROW…so PM if you would like to be on the list to find out what it is. GrownUpSexEd@gmail.com

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