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Sensual Zodiac: Aries Woman

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Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Aries Woman

Your Ultimate Sensual Aries Celebrity: Rooney Mara

You were born on the most important day of the year! Your Sensual Zodiac reveals hidden influences about your arousal, your sexuality, and your foreplay preferences. These astrological insights give you a richer, deeper understanding of your sensual nature. Discover new intimate secrets about yourself and find the keys to your sexual happiness.

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You are among the people most likely to have a fan club.

Why? Because anyone who has ever made love to a Sensual Aries woman remains devoted forever!

People find you amazing.

Everything about you commands attention. You wear your sensuality like other women wear diamonds. From your flashing eyes, to your charming smile, to your wild, warm ways – you captivate and fascinate.

Dynamic, Dazzling, and Daring

You are unquestionably one of the most exciting women in the Sensual Zodiac. If they ever name a fragrance after you, a great name would be “Fire and Ice” because there’s nothing in between about you. You’re either burning hot or you’re ice cold.

Here’s something we’re all curious to know:

Where in the world do you get all that get-up-and-go? It’s amazing to watch how easily you multi-task. You have a gift for juggling five or six things at once without breaking a sweat. Your vibrant positive energy makes being in your presence as warm as being surrounded by the radiant rays of the sun.

A kind heart with a huge appetite for love…

Your sensual nature comes as easy to you as sleep. Passion is part of your essential makeup. For you, life without romance is dismal. When you’re not in love, you feel like a tree without leaves: bare, naked, and incomplete. But when you are in love, you ooze sensuality.

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How to seduce you?

With the three mental aphrodisiacs: attention, affection, and admiration. Your ultimate lover is one who is willing to take a risk with you. Your partner must be evolved enough to give you love on many levels, while leaving NOTHING on the table. To love a Sensual Aries woman, like you, takes an exceptional person.

Three little known bedroom secrets about you:

  1. You are used to being in control, but you long to surrender.
  2. Surprises are a great way to seduce you.
  3. Because you’re already an adventurous person, you are likely to find yourself becoming curious about fetishes or apt to try something taboo.

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Excerpted and amended from Your Sensual Zodiac by Suzie Johnson.


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FREE SHIPPING April 16 & 17 at www.GrownUpSexEd.com – YouTube.

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Lelo Tor 2 – www.GrownUpSexEd.com – YouTube.

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Audrey – www.GrownUpSexEd.com – YouTube.

Test Your Sex Smarts: Fact or Fiction?

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How sex savvy are you?  Test your sex smarts and find out!  For more fun, test your lover’s, too!  This entertaining and educational trivia game could be a great way to start an open conversation about sex with your partner.



Fact or Fiction?




1.  Sexual intercourse feels better than masturbation.  Fact or Fiction?


Pleasure-inducing hormones known as endorphins are released into your system during all types of sexual activity.  The pleasure level varies and can be just as strong, or stronger, during masturbation.



2.  Masturbation leads to less enjoyment of sex with a partner.  Fact or Fiction?


Masturbation helps you discover your hot spots.  Many women pass this knowledge onto their partners and, in doing so, experience better sex.  In addition, solo-foreplay can enhance arousal and lead to stronger, more frequent orgasms during sex.



3.  Solo pleasure is not uncommon for seniors.  Fact or Fiction?


Adults may masturbate well into their post-retirement days.  Recent surveys showed that nearly half of adults over the age of 60 have masturbated at least once during their golden years, and one-fifth of all seniors masturbate once a week or more.



4.  The benefits of masturbation are purely sexual.  Fact or Fiction?


Masturbation can help you sleep better, relieve menstrual and muscular cramps, build self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety, and much more.




Bet you didn’t know that…

  • Masturbation can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Women in relationships are more likely to use vibrators than women who are single.
  • Over half of married women masturbate.
  • Over 90% of women have masturbated at least once.


Information compiled from our best-selling book, The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex.




©2013 Passion Parties, Inc. Reproduction and distribution by Passion Consultants™ is permissible for informational purposes only.

Happy May!



Happy Masturbation Month!

Happy Masturbation Month!

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