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Lubricant Comparison Chart

Lubricant Comparison Chart

Not listed here is our new LUX Cream Lubricant. Lux behaves like a silicone in that it’s super silky and long lasting, but it’s water-based, so it’s safe for all toys. It’s been my top selling lube since it came out September 1st of last year, and has gotten rave reviews from my clients and hostesses.


Top Recommended Honeymoon Sex Toys


As we move into wedding season, we cannot forget the honeymoon!  Much like weddings, no two honeymoons are exactly alike; however, there is one consistent theme: sex…and lots of it!  All newlyweds are hoping for a sexy and titillating honeymoon with their new husband or wife.  The wedding is over.  After months of planning, confirming with vendors and making sure the details are perfect, it’s all behind you.  Now, you get to be rewarded with some time to relax, time to hang out and enjoy your new husband/wife, and time to have incredible lovemaking with the person with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life.

Many married friends and family will give you their expert advice: “Don’t go crazy trying to plan your itinerary.”  “Just relax.”  “Don’t have expectations.”  These are all sage words of wisdom, and you should certainly take all of it to heart, but our expert advice is a little different.  We say, “Pack some sex toys!”  Why?  Because your honeymoon is a time to connect – sexually and otherwise – with your new spouse.  You’re setting the tone for the rest of your marriage, and you want that tone to be intimate and romantic but fun, sexy and exciting, as well.  So make some room in your luggage, and consider our top recommended honeymoon sex toys and tips that will help ensure multiple orgasms and that the excitement of the wedding lasts through the honeymoon and well into the marriage!

  • Pack a toy for her:  You’ll definitely want to pack your favorite vibrator.  Whether it’s the Lelo Soraya, the new Sili Rabbit, or the new Bunny Hugs, pack it along!  (Expert tip: make sure you store each toy separately in one of our silky storage bags, remove all batteries and store those separately as well.  You don’t want your vibrator buzzing as it is going through security or being loaded under the plane.  If it does, officials will have to go through your baggage to find the culprit.  Avoid the unnecessary embarrassing moment, and pack your toys like a pro.)  Use your vibrator during foreplay or as a clitoral stimulator during lovemaking.  For a little more adventure, you could also put on a show for your new husband/wife.  Give your spouse a lesson on exactly what you like and how you like it.  Not only will your lifelong lover learn something, but s/he will also enjoy the view!
  • Pack a toy for him:  They say a happy wife is a happy life, but remember, a happy marriage is 50/50.  So pack a toy for him, too.  Try the Lelo Tor 2, which is by far the best couple’s ring you’ll ever experience.  Due to constricted blood flow in the penis, he’ll be able to maintain a stiff erection and delay orgasm, and you’ll both feel the benefits of the six different stimulation modes (and the multiple speeds!)  This toy is a definite win-win.  Another option is Mimi – our most popular masturbation sleeve.  This makes manual and oral stimulation much more fun for both of you!
  • Pack a toy for fun/foreplay:  Getting ready to go to happy hour or walk on the beach?  Slip Gizm-O‘s wedge-shaped bullet into your panties or slide in the We-Vibe 3 for dual action play.  Then give the wireless remote control to your spouse.  Let him/her have some fun by surprising you throughout the night with little bursts of vibration.  By the time you get back to your bed – if you actually make it there – you’ll both be ready to get it on!  This is one sure way to create some of those just for you, memorable moments.  You and your new husband/wife will be giggling, having the time of your lives, and ready for action.  Everyone around you will be wondering what you spiked your drinks with – and how to get some for themselves!
  • Pack some massage lotion:  Our lickable massage cream, Crèmesicle, works double duty as a massage lotion and flavored fun.  Pop open a bottle of wine or champagne, order some chocolate covered strawberries and take turns rubbing each other down from head to toe, paying extra close attention to all your partner’s erogenous zones.  And when you’d like a little extra something sweet, run your tongue along anywhere you’ve rubbed to give your partner a sizzling sensation and yourself a tasty treat.  (Expert tip: You’ll need to put this in checked baggage, as it comes in a 4oz bottle.)
  • Pack some lube:  Since you plan to take some toys with you and you plan to make love pretty frequently on your honeymoon, having a good lubrication with you is an absolute must!  Revelation is a great option if you’re using silicone toys.  It’s water based and non-staining.  If you feel it drying up, just add a little water and you’ll be back in business.  (Expert tip: If you’re only carrying on luggage, make sure to order a couple of the 1 oz bottles of Revelation for your trip.)  For those times when you’re not using silicone toys and you go in for some marathon lovemaking, try Slip N Slide.  A silicone-based lube, Slip N Slide will not absorb and will not dry out, so re-application is unnecessary, meaning you’ll use less and the product will last longer.  (Expert tip:  Silicone eats silicone, so never use a silicone lube with a silicone toy and never allow your toys to touch one another.)
  • Pack some Pure Satisfaction:  Another potion to add to your bag of tricks is RomantaTherapy’s Pure Satisfaction.  This enhancement gel is Passion Parties’ number 1 selling product, and for good reason: Pure Satisfaction contains the natural ingredient L-argenine, which is known to promote and enhance clitoral and/or penile sensitivity and arousal.  (Pure Satisfaction comes in a 1.7 oz bottle, so it can be carried on with no problems.)
  • Pack something sexy:  For many of us, but especially men, the visual aspect of sex is a big part of getting and staying aroused, so treat him to the sight of you in some sexy lingerie.  Our Floral Lace Bodystocking is super sexy and offers easy access with its convenience hole.  Likely, you’ve also received some teddies from friends for the honeymoon.  Although your new husband/wife will love to see you in your new negligees, it’s at least equally important – if not far more important – that you love yourself in them.  You want to showcase your body, sexuality and confidence, not hide under the covers.  Make sure you try everything on before you pack it.  Exchange or return anything that doesn’t make you feel like the beautiful D.I.V.A. you are!

Honeymoons are a magical time for newlyweds.  Have some fun, have multiple orgasms and make it a honeymoon you and your new spouse never forget!




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