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▶ Inspiration Point – www.GrownUpSexEd.com – YouTube

▶ Inspiration Point – www.GrownUpSexEd.com – YouTube.


Get Hopping with this New Rabbit Vibrator!



Bunny Shine dual-action vibrator can help you discover all your favorite pleasure points.  With a rabbit clitoral tickler, multiple speeds and functions, and inner pleasure beads in the lower portion of the rotating shaft, Bunny Shine allows you to experiment with its different features and settings to uncover exactly what you love!

More than 10 years ago, these feminine, non-intimidating and satisfying bunny toys became all the rage after the ladies of Sex and the City staged an intervention for Charlotte, the most naive and conservative character, because she locked herself in her apartment for two weeks with her new-found love: her rabbit vibrator.  Women went crazy for these toys after they premiered on the show, and the trend hasn’t stopped.  And there’s good reason: with 24 possible settings, orgasms are limitless!

Every woman is different and experiences different kinds of pleasure and orgasms.  Some women are able to orgasm with penetration alone, while the vast majority need clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax.  The great thing about bunny shine is that the rotating shaft, bunny-shaped clitoral stimulator and inner pleasure beads provide whatever pleasure you need to climax.  Just insert the shaft until the bunny ears rest on top of your clitoris or along each side, and start experimenting with the different settings of the vibrator.  Experience the sole clitoral vibration, then add the rotating shaft and pulsing inner pleasure beads.  Or vice versa – start with the internal rotation, then add the clitoral stimulation.  Increase the intensity as the pleasure increases within your body.

Measuring 8 1/2 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in diameter, this vibrator is perfect for the novice player or the sex-toy connoisseur.  One warning: Try it once, and you may be the next woman needing an intervention.  😉


Passion Tips:

  • No two pleasure points are exactly alike.  A rotating shaft allows a woman to discover which areas of her vaginal walls enjoy stimulation most.
  • Start slow and easy before working your way up to the more intense levels of vibration.


To see Bunny Shine in action, check out my YouTube video here!








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Genie – YouTube.


Genie is sure to fulfill your wish of a G-spot orgasm!

Avoid Angry Vagina Syndrome! Clean Your Toys! – YouTube

Avoid Angry Vagina Syndrome! Clean Your Toys! – YouTube.

Mimi: The Male Masturbation Sleeve

I posted a video on my YouTube channel today about Mimi, and thought I’d share it here, as it has to do with masturbation, and it is still May for a few more days!  🙂

Watch here! 

Holiday Toy Box – We-Vibe II

via Holiday Toy Box – We-Vibe II – YouTube.

Holiday Toy Box – Jack Frost

via Holiday Toy Box – Jack Frost – YouTube.

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